1. If Ten wants to push a faaaaar left agenda, then George Negus is your man, I certainly won’t be watching. And did this happen before Packer took over, surely not, Negus sucks…!

  2. I think Jennifer has been out of the more serious side of things for too long and just doesn’t have that newsreader attitude anymore IMO.

    George good, Jennifer not so much.

  3. Interesting, George is not really the funky and modern image that 10 likes to project, but he does bring an earthed, considered and experienced persona to a new program. Alone, i can’t see him or it, any differennt from his sbs or abc shows. He works really well on 7pm project – watching the space…..

  4. @Kenny

    Why wouldn’t Negus be the Presenter/Auto-Cue Reader, pretty much what he does on Dateline now, fills in the story and cuts to the report., he’s not out in the field gathering stories now.

    Negus may have some Editorial control over what is shown and then present it and this may be the same deal he does with TEN (if TEN are as serious about this News Block as it seems).

  5. Can’t see George being just an autocue reader. He’s more likely to be a field reporter, but definitely more than a newsreader.
    “…speculation he will front its new 6pm news-based programme”. As Magaret Thatcher would say, “speculation by who” (or should that be “whom”?). Speculation by the uninformed playing guessing games?

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