Gone: New Adventures of Old Christine

GEM has removed The New Adventures of Old Christine to be replaced by old episodes of The Nanny.

GEM has removed multiple screenings of The New Adventures of Old Christine from its schedule to be replaced by old episodes of The Nanny.

This take effect from 6pm Sunday October 17 and continues 10am, 6pm and late nights (usually at 11:30pm) daily.

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  1. Just a hint for anyone who is interested, I just scanned the latest TV Week and The New Adventures of Old Christine is on next week, but odd episodes and odd times so if you are a dedicated fan it might be worth checking your on line guides on a daily basis and you will catch some episodes if you are lucky and/or if Gem doesn’t decide to make more changes.

  2. @Tony Mac From August 05 to April 07 The Nanny was not on air on any of the FTA channels in Australia. Between that time Ten did not have the rights to The Nanny anymore.

    As a big fan of the show who was yet to see every episode of the show that was a massive gap.

    Nine purchased the show in April 2007 and aired it 11.30 weekdays for the main channel around the time The Catch-Up (that famous talk show) was on 9.

    Before then… The complete series of The Nanny aired Weekdays at 3pm in 2004 on Ten. And back in 2005 it’s first four seasons (well only about 15 episodes of season 4 was shown) was played out at 12 weekdays. And before that we only ever got to see the show when Neighbours went for it’s summer break.

    Oh and every Christmas Day (I believe since the episode was first aired in Australia – 1997) we got to see The Nanny cartoon special “Oy To The World” until 2005. I don’t think 9 has the rights to that episode since it’s not really a normal episode of The Nanny.

  3. Have been thoroughly enjoying watching this each evening. I am so annoyed it is being taken off when we are getting so close to the end.

    Will be writing a letter to Nine demanding the 5th season and I hope everyone else does the same !

  4. In the words of Fran Fine:
    Mr. Sheffield I want The nanny who by the way is so cute and two and 1/2 men who also look cute to control nine’s schedule.
    In The words of Mr. Sheffield:
    Mrs. Fine we don’t want anymore of this!

    I just think she is the female version of two and 1/2 men!
    Anymore changes by nine and they might want to change themselves.

  5. David you really should change the title of this story, it sounds like the show is being removed when really as soon as the last episode airs of Season 4 they are not playing the final season till later .

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