Gone: Stargate Atlantis

7mate yesterday decided not to proceed with Stargate Atlantis for the time being. But here are some other upcoming titles.

7mate yesterday decided not to proceed with Stargate Atlantis for the time being, having already pulled the show twice for reruns of The Event at 10:30pm Thursdays.

The show is now out of schedule, replaced with another rerun this week, and TBAs for upcoming weeks. They could yet be filled by more replays of The Event.

Earlier in the day the show was listed in a Press Release, talking up the success of the channel. So far the channel has been putting the runs on the board.

Seven’s Director of Programming and Production, Tim Worner, said: “What an extraordinary first week – the appetite for this channel is far more ravenous than we could possibly have hoped for. And 7mate itself is proving to be a hungry beast as well. It is eating into its opponents big time, completely devouring the other newcomer.

“The launch of 7mate has not just got a lot of eyeballs, it has served to really sharpen the definition of the brand and the composition of the audience is bang on target. And we are just getting started. 7mate is truly going to be man’s best friend.”

Upcoming movies on the channel will include: Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels, X Men 2, The Ringer, Walking Tall, American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile, The Waterboy, Primeval, I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry, Starsky & Hutch, and Hot Fuzz.

Upcoming series include: Life After People, Great Escapes, Mega Movers, Trigger Happy TV, Stargate, Man v Food, Human Prey, Campus PD, Trapped, Built from Disaster and Greatest Ever.

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  1. @AngryFace No 7 never got past S3 I think of SGA. 7 used to be the best channel there was for this stuff but it decided to follow 9 into the gutter.

    Whichever channel has the SG franchises, they’re better off playing SG1 or SGA as SGU isn’t a patch on either of them.

    As for The Event, it will just be another Lost, Flash Forward with no answers and will get cancelled.

  2. Why advertise Stargate Atlantis 2 weeks in a row and not even have the courtesy to let us know it’s not going to be on! Same old same old 7/prime/mate/whatever! crap…Bring on 11 !!!!

  3. Thanks for letting us know.

    Atlantis would fit well into the 7mate schedule – a lot better than all the random films. It’s not great quality, but very watchable. They should certainly broadcast the episodes denied us by 7TWO though, before any thoughts of returning to the start.

  4. I agree with the idea of going back to the start of both SG1 and Atlantis. Even though i’ve seen them all on DVD, i’m sure I too would flick over and watch the odd episode again.

  5. i was wierd that they were replaying the season from mid series. shouldn’t they have gone back to episode 1 lie 7two did with the sopranos?. stargate is not the kind of show i’d watch again but i would definately be interested in Lost from ep1, that’s what thyshouldfil the TBA’s wth.

  6. Did Seven (on any of its channels) ever finish the final season of Atlantis? (season 5). I gave up on waiting for Seven around season 2 (around the time of SG1 season 9). I ended up “going to the US” to watch the rest of Atlantis. I have since bought all the season box sets of SG1 and Atlantis on DVD.

    I remember when I first heard about Stargate Universe. I was hoping Seven wouldn’t get the rights to it. I wanted another channel to get the rights, so we could actually watch it. Of course, I think we all know how well Ten ended up treating SGU….

  7. I’m really getting sick of movies on FTA.

    Not sure why they would continue to put movies on…they don’t rate too well anyway.
    People want to watch TV shows not movies that you can get from the DVD store without ads.

    Why can’t Australia’s programmers go to the States for some real lessons on how they should be doing their job?

  8. I love Stargate, but watched the vast majority of it all on DVD. Surely most fans would have seen it all by now. Atlantis finished a couple years ago. Or did 7 never finish it?

    On 7 Mate they should start SG1 right from the begining, then pair it was atlantis for a couple once sg1 gets to the point both were on the air at the same time. It’d probably tune it here and there even though i have all the dvds, to rewatch.

  9. 7mate is not My man’s best friend. My husband is mightly annoyed at the pulling of Stargate: Atlantis.

    7mate will not be his (or my) best friend) if it continued the age-old jerking around the schedule.

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