GTV9 to rent Docklands studios

When it exits its current Richmond premises, Nine will have a permanent booking at Melbourne's Docklands Studios for its biggest shows.

The Victorian Government has confirmed that GTV9 will rent studio space at Docklands Studios, with a permanent booking at its Sound Stages for the next five years.

When it exits its current Richmond premises, Nine will rent Sound Stage 4 before moving into a refurbished Sound Stage 5 twelve months later.

Innovation Minister Gavin Jennings said, “The film and TV facilities at Docklands are world class. The Nine Network’s decision is a massive vote of confidence for the studio and recognition of the high quality of the Victorian screen industry.”

CEO David Gyngell said, “Our decision to continue the production of shows like The Footy Show and Millionaire Hot Seat in Victoria allows us to maintain our strong production presence in Melbourne.

“Melbourne has always been the traditional home of television for the Nine Network. Many of the greatest shows of all time have been produced here, including The Don Lane Show, In Melbourne Tonight, Sale of the Century and Hey Hey it’s Saturday.

“Today’s announcement will ensure that tradition continues.”

Nine will move its local production into Sound Stage 4 from Bendigo Street in January.

Central City Studios has previously been home to productions including 1 vs 100, The Pacific, Satisfaction, Stephen King’s Nightmares and Dreamscapes, Beat the Star, Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation and Iron Chef Australia.

Nine’s Richmond site has been sold to property developers to make way for inner city apartments.

Nine’s new corporate headquarters with smaller studios for News and Current Affairs will be nearby in the Docklands precinct.

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  1. In the new studio in docklands bring back hey hey it Saturday in 2011 and also bring back the original sale of the century at 7:00pm (not temptation) I miss sale of the century when it is not on anymore. I like the host of sale of the century to be Ed Phillips for the game show they should give away 2 cars like Toyota, Mitsubishi, ford, BMW, to give away on the show. I like the (1980-1999) style for the game show. With hey hey it Saturday should be on a Saturday night only with hey hey when you pluck a duck they should have driffent fords car on the show to give away bring hey hey it Saturday back on in 2011 & bring back the original sale of the century (not temptation) in 2011 bring it back

  2. Well David, I was referring to Gyngell’s first sentence about next year, not the second sentence about GTV’s history.
    As for the debate about production in Sydney or Melbourne, I think its been pretty much 50/50 over the years although most of the live variety shows were produced in Melbourne & the news shows in Sydney. Drama has been split between the two so I can’t agree with Kev on that one.

  3. @Kev all from Sydney…

    The Today Show, Kerri-Anne, Weekend Today, 60 Minutes, Nine’s Wide World of Sports, Nines Morning News, Nines Afternoon News, Underbelly, Cops LAC, Special Rescue Ops, The Block, Australia’s Funniest Home Video, NRL Footy Show the list goes on… the QLD/Gold Coast only produced a few kids shows and thast all.

  4. @ Brent Melbourne has been the traditional home of television for as long as I can remember, most of our best dramas, live shows and many others were made there. It’s only in recent times that other places like the Gold Coast have been used. A few things were also made in Sydney especially by Seven but not nearly as much as in Melbourne.

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