Hey Hey: Oct 30

Hey Hey it’s Saturday brings back one of its traditions tomorrow: a dress-up spectacular. But where's Jackie?

Hey Hey it’s Saturday brings back one of its traditions tomorrow: a dress-up spectacular. These were regularly part of Hey Hey across the years.

Dubbed Hey Hey It’s Crazy Clobber Day, the show will see the entire cast and audience don weird and wacky outfits. One day later and it could have been a Halloween special…

Another tradition will see Marcia Hines making a return. Hines, famously quoted with her lines “Right on Daryl & Ossie!” and “This show is deep” will sing I Feel The Earth Move.

It’s a shame Jackie MacDonald won’t be there for this one. Is she not showing up this season? She hasn’t been in the studio all year?

Guests and segments on the show include:

Dame Edna Everage (live cross).
Rod Stewart interview.
The Verses (Ella and Jesse Hooper) perform Running Away.
Gymnast Lauren Mitchell joins Red Faces judges.

And if you have audience tickets, please …..no blackface?

It airs 7:30pm Saturday on Nine.

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  1. @Dave, they somewhat did an outside broadcast. On the last episode in July or whichever which had Kylie minogue on, they had an audience outside for a performance from the Potbelleez.

  2. I Wwnt tp school with redmond for 6 years at upwey high for 6 years annd that was 51 yearS agp and I cant stop laughing he looks the same tonight as he did way back then lol unfortuneateley love you Red Carol kemp

  3. They won’t do an outside broadcast for their last show. I think they would like the last 2010 show to be their last show in Studio 9. It won’t be the official farewell party, but it will still be the final non-news show broadcast in the studios.

  4. The theme shows were, I believe, what kept Hey Hey going back in the day; they gave the show its heart; that, Oswald Q & Jackie Mac. First Jacki left, (and Denise, to some extent, she was also a part of the theme era), then the theme shows fizzled out and Ossie was no more. Then cancellation.

    More theme shows, it gives each show a point of difference, a la variety, which is what it’s all about.

    ’bout time, I say………..

  5. Oh wow.. wonder when the last time Marcia was actually there? I remember her making a quick video for the initial reunions, but apart from that, I don’t remember her being on it at all (don’t recall watching it whenever it was that she originally said ‘The show is deep’ and ‘Right on Daryl & Ossie).

  6. Here’s the rub, I’d possibly watch (or maybe record) a show with a live cross to Dame Edna Everage; a Rod Stewart interview, and The Verses performing Running Away. (I don’t see how this is attracting a younger audience before they go out but still).

    But that show wouldn’t take 2 hours.

    And I won’t watch a show with Daryl Somers. “Weird and wacky clobber?” For Heaven’s sake, it’s 2010.

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