iQ2 enabled for internet TV

Updated: Foxtel flicks the switch on the iQ2 allowing for On Demand TV via the internet at $2.95 an episode and new release movies for $5.50.

From today Foxtel enables its iQ2 for internet connection, giving subscribers the option of television and movies on demand via home broadband.

Subscribers with an iQ2 set-top-box and broadband can connect the internet (via a modem) and access over a thousand TV episodes and hundreds of movies.

TV Episodes will be available for $2.95 each including Mad Men (MOVIE EXTRA), Jersey Shore (MTV), Australia’s Next Top Model (FOX8), The Hills (MTV), Tough Nuts (Crime & Investigation Network), Ice Road Truckers (FOX8), Summer Heights High (The Comedy Channel), Spirited (W), iCarly (Nickelodeon), :30 seconds (The Comedy Channel), Life After People Special (The History Channel), and Hoarders (Bio).

Some children’s programming will be $1.95 per episode such as Ben 10 (The Cartoon Network) and Dora the Explorer (nick jr).

$3.95 movie titles will include Toy Story, ET, Finding Nemo, Back To The Future, American Pie, Mystery Men, Twilight, 10 Things I Hate About You, The Sixth Sense, Pirates of the Caribbean, Psycho, Twelve Monkeys and many more.

New release movies will be $5.50 each (High Definition $5.95) including Date Night, Kick-Ass and Hot Tub Time Machine in October.

The number of titles will increase to over 5000 movies and TV episodes by 2011.

CEO Kim Williams, said, “Foxtel On Demand delivers further on Foxtel’s compelling consumer proposition of putting you in control of your television viewing and allowing you to watch what you want, when you want to and increasingly over a device of your choice.

“Foxtel has been investing in its technology to build on the suite of services available to our subscribers and with the launch of On Demand, Foxtel has moved to the internet and completed its offering which includes HD, 3D and Internet TV to become the home of entertainment.

“This is the perfect time for Foxtel to launch its On Demand Internet TV service as broadband is available at faster speeds, and internet plans are becoming more affordable. If you have Foxtel at home the iQ2 set-top-box is the only box you’ll ever need to watch TV and movies On Demand instantly, whenever you like.”

Once a title has been viewed the rental period will begin –48 hours for movies and an extended rental of 10 days for TV episodes, which will increase to a 60 day rental period from December. Inside the rental period multiple viewings are allowed.

Subscribers must have an eligible ADSL/cable broadband service with an available Ethernet port at a minimum broadband speed of 1.5MB per second.  Telstra BigPond customers will have unmetered usage. Subscribers can start watching a show before it has completely downloaded.

Foxtel plans to roll the On Demand service out to selected Foxtel iQ set-top-boxes from December.

Subscribers should call 131 999 to activate the On Demand service once plugged in, or for advice on set-up.

UPDATE: Roll-out to iQ2 boxes begins today and will be completed by November 1st. However users can “force” the upgrade by calling 131999 and ask for assistance. iQ roll-out begins in December for select boxes (ie.post 2008 boxes).

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  1. Foxtel convinced me it was a good idea…so I paid $80 getting a ethernet over power connectors….all good there….all worked fantastic….until I found I had to pay for everything…as well as download them. I rang them up, told them to cancel it….demanded…and then advised them that whoever dreamt up this idea will be out of a job soon. You must have rocks in your head if anyone is willing to pay $2.95 per episode of Faulty towers or twin peaks…..get real…….hahahahaha….it is an abolsute rip off!!!!!!

  2. Already a Foxtel subscriber(IQ2), why the hell would I want to download stuff which is already available on all of the channels I subscribe to(I have the platinum package). This has Lemon spelt quite clearly all over it, I won’t using my modem to download stuff I can record on my Iq, lame brain idea…. period.

  3. People who use this are idiots,if you have missed these shows,or when they have been repeated over the time you will never watch them.The show Spirited for example will be repeated very soon why bother about this program reading between the lines it looks like Boxoffice Movies are going to continue.Foxtel needs to drop this service and put all the new movies on there movie channels

  4. $2.95 per TV Ep works out to about the same as if you purchased the series on DVD (more for some titles). Once you’ve bought the DVD you can play it as often as you like and lend it to whomever you want. Hardly seems like fair value.

  5. What a rip off….we already pay for Foxtel (with adds)
    No video store over heads but more expensive, a joke.
    $1 to $2 as per episode as per Amazon would be MAXIMUM
    We all hate a monopoly!!!!!!!!

  6. One think I don’t get is you pay the extra and still don’t own a copy, I’d rather buy the DVD or go to iTunes in the knowledge that I at least own the ep or movie I paid for, and with the Apple TV I can view it on a normal TV anyway.

    There really needs to be more competition with Pay TV in this country, maybe when people start dropping their subscription TV Foxtel (and Austar) will get the message!

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