Jane Hall quits Neighbours

Jane Hall will leave Neighbours after nearly four years, as one of three actors set to depart the TEN soap.

Actress Jane Hall has quit Neighbours, after playing Rebecca Napier for almost four years.

“I’ve decided its time to say ‘au revoir’ to Erinsborough,” Jane, 39, told TV Week.

“It’s sad to be leaving … but I’m looking forward to the future and new and exciting acting

Hall is one of three new resignations.

Matt Werkmeister, 18, has also quit after five and a half years of playing teenager Zeke Kinski.

Meanwhile, Erin Mullally, 20, will also exit only six months after being cast as single dad Declan Napier. Mullally was cast as the character after actor James Sorenson quit the show. Hall plays his on-screen mother in the long-running soap.

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  1. Neighbours really do need to bring some familar faces back to boost ratings. Max and Boyd Hoyland should come back to make the Scully household more interesting as well as characters Stuart Parker and Dylan Timmens. A good move was bringing the characters of Lyn Scully and Summer Hoyland back. On another note why is Scott McGregor’s character Mark Brennan leaving?? He was a really good actor who brought something to the show.

  2. There are some brilliant characters leaving will be a shame. I love jane hall as rebecca, zeke is okay but he wasnt my favourite character and when it was james sorensen as declan i really liked him but now the whole rebecca pushed paul fight between paul and declan is getting boring. I hope its gonna be a really explosive ending though after all this wait it should be!xxxxxxxxxx

  3. Jane Hall is amazing as Rebecca Robinson in neighbours, she really is. It’s kinda really sad she’s leaving, but hopefully this isn’t the last we’ll see of her. She’s an amazing actor, and she’s by far the best character on the show 🙂
    All the best Jane xx

  4. OMG!! Janr Hall can not leave neighbours!! gaahhh I adore her! She has become one of my favs…enough so that I googled her to find out about neighbours spoilers revolving around her character…and this is what i got…i am gobsmacked!! Don’t leave becca!! lol.

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