Jane Hall quits Neighbours

Actress Jane Hall has quit Neighbours, after playing Rebecca Napier for almost four years.

“I’ve decided its time to say ‘au revoir’ to Erinsborough,” Jane, 39, told TV Week.

“It’s sad to be leaving … but I’m looking forward to the future and new and exciting acting

Hall is one of three new resignations.

Matt Werkmeister, 18, has also quit after five and a half years of playing teenager Zeke Kinski.

Meanwhile, Erin Mullally, 20, will also exit only six months after being cast as single dad Declan Napier. Mullally was cast as the character after actor James Sorenson quit the show. Hall plays his on-screen mother in the long-running soap.


  1. Pretty sure Neighbours will be cancelled at some stage next year. Just can’t see it lasting. They really should have cancelled it at the end of this year actually – that way it could have finished with dignity instead of a slow drawn out death.

  2. Jane’s a terrific talent and a big loss to the stability of the adult cast. I found her character a bit dubious at first. She had apparently had an affair with Paul when he was an airline stewart, when I knew she was only a kid on the Henderson Kids at the time. Plus the story line with the father of her two boys was handled really badly. But her true character shined through and she was a perfect fit for Ramsay St.
    As for Erin, he was set with a monumental task of replacing a popular actor. A difficul task for even an experienced actor. There have been worse actors, like those who played Sunny and the second Lucy Robinson and the guy from Aus idol, whose name escapes me.
    As for Zeke, he’s had a good run, hopefully he’ll turn up in future if there is a Kennedy wedding/funeral etc.

  3. Well maybe it’s good that the core cast is a smaller-knit group.

    I just hope that instead of bringing in new characters (I still count Andrew, Natasha and Michael as ‘new’), they should just stick with that group and bring back old characters, who are already established.

  4. I’m willing to bet the move to 11 will be the final nail…
    Even my missus, a diehard fan, is getting fed up lately. Once the move happens the chance of missing eps will increase, which isn’t going to impress her more. The long drawn out death of The Bill wasn’t all that dissimilar either.

  5. Wow.. wonder what happened with Erin Mullally leaving? Was it in the writers plans, or did he just become annoyed at having to play an already established character? I don’t think they should have ever introduced him as Declan. I still can’t convince myself that he is who he is supposed to be.

  6. how will these characters exit the show??

    a plane crash in the ocean?? a fire at charlie’s??? a car accident??? lost at sea???

    why doesn’t someone just commit suicide??

    i know the show is not that dramatic but it would add some needed drama to a show the barely calls itself a drama

    and i’m glad the zeke character is leaving…come on karl and susan…he is caught kissing a girl and you overreact like you’ve caught him doing something far worse. i mean, the actor is 18 himself…it’s about time you treat him like his character is 18 too

  7. Budget cuts anyone? Could this be a budget problem and not the actors? Just putting it out there because its strange that a group of them are leaving the show not just a couple of them

  8. Jane made me cry in “Mum’s the Word” and she was the stand-out in Marshall Law (if anyone can remember that). I can’t wait to see what she does next; I just pray she doesn’t end up as a gangster moll or similar on some 9 show.

  9. Jane Hall was a great addition to Neighbours, and I have always enjoyed her on screen. As the show is going from bad to worse under the helm of Susan Bower, it is no wonder Jane wants to get out and find somewhere where she can show her range.
    Good luck to her, would be good to see her in something like Rafters. She is great at both drama and comedy.

  10. It’s a shame Jane is leaving as she plays a good character really well.
    Thankfully the plank of wood that is Erin Doolally is also leaving and the series might now have a chance to reclaim some of its lost viewers.He really is an awful actor and must rank as the worst actor ever to appear on tv anywhere!
    Zeke was a pretty good character but won’t be missed too much.

  11. This is so sad!! Jane Hall is a terrific actress and we need people like her, Alan Fletcher, Jackie Woodburne and Stefan Dennis on the show!!

    Matthew Werkmeister’s exit is even sadder! Watched him grow up on screen and he’s a great part of the teen group. I wish the writers had done more for his character over the past few years.

    All the best to Erin Mullally too

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