Junior MasterChef ready to score

Minor Spoilers: I took a look at Sunday night's upcoming episode of Junior MasterChef.

Minor Spoilers: I took a look at Sunday night’s upcoming episode of Junior MasterChef.

This time the Top 12 are in the MasterChef kitchen. It’s goodbye Katy Perry as “Hot and Cold” is replaced by another pop song.

The 12 kids are awestruck at being let loose in the MasterChef kitchen.

As one so perfectly sums up, “It’s just as if I’ve walked into my TV and gone into another universe.”

Love it.

As for prizes, Third and Fourth place receive $5,000 with Second place getting $10,000 and $15,000 as First Prize in a Trust Fund.

The show now has a Scoreboard which accumulates points across the series, designed to avoid kids being sent home on the back of a small mistake. Good move.

The level of talent amongst the kids is simply astounding. Their dishes look delicious, inventive and competitive.

No sign of Matt Preston in Sunday’s episode.

Monday will introduce the first team challenge. Not telling where!

The show is back 7:30pm Sunday on TEN.

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  1. Am I the only one who doesn’t care about the theme song changing? What difference could it possibly make?! The remaining episodes will succeed or fail based on the content and judging by what has previously gone to air, it’s a winning formula.

    As for the kids’ achievements in the kitchen, they are absolutely incredible and should be afforded the same respect that people are so willing to give child prodigys in sport and music.

    Can’t wait for Sunday – bring it on kids!

  2. @ armchair – um and also the fact that x factor is rubbish!

    Re the theme song change if it’s the robbie williams song imo that’s a perfect theme.

    And yeh these kids are incredible for their age. Some of them put the adult MC contestants to shame!

  3. @ armchair – are you serious mate?

    How are they not being treated like the adults?

    The trust funds will not be able to be squandered by the parents as you would know if you had researched the finer points of JMC at all.

  4. And i bet you their parents squander the 10 or 15 grand in a trust fund by doing something like homer did in an episode of the simpsons where he was dangling barrt over a window and someone had taken pictures of it and blackmailed him and thus the money that bart had earned had been wasted, this could very well happen and we will hear it on Today Tonight.

  5. If these kids are so talented then they should be treated just like adults in this competition otherwise this is a whole bag of B.S which should be boycotted. The only reason why it was beating X Factor in the Sunday night ratings was because it was something new kids who haven’t even reached puberty yet cooking on national tv. If this show is on next year it will not last trust me, this is a fad.

  6. The new song will destroy the theme. Maybe they had a look at katy perry banned from Sesame Street and thought she might as well be banned form this one. IThe advanced guide is a great way of finding out what the show will be having. I know too, and it’s one other Brittish chef’s love. The chef advocates this challenge.

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