Junior Masterchef’s dough begins to rise

Junior MasterChef is on the rise, seemingly at the expense of The X Factor.

TEN’s reality series tied for Sunday night’s top ratings with a strong 1.44m viewers over Seven’s sing-off at just under 1.08m. 60 Minutes sandwiched in between both with a respectable 1.22m.

The lift for Junior MasterChef comes after the show’s enormous debut only to be interrupted by the Commonwealth Games and a drop in figures. Last Monday even Undercover Boss Australia outrated it. But the MasterChef brand is always one that works better with multiple episodes as viewers connect with its contestants.

The X Factor is not without its fans. The much-talked about “Altiyan” was one of the world’s top trending topics on Twitter last night. Seven also won its slots with Seven News (1.44m) and Sunday Night (1.2m). Bones was just under 1.1m.

While Offspring pulled 989,000 for TEN it won its slot in key demos.

Nine’s final instalment of Sherlock settled on 1m viewers. The ABC’s Poirot: Murder In Mesopotamia ABC1 was 914,000.

Sport proved a drawcard yesterday with Seven’s V8 Supercars: Gold Coast (551,000), Nine’s Four Nations Rugby League (455,000) and ONE’s FIA Formula One (326,000).

Bear Grylls’ Escape To The Legion on SBS TWO again showed viewers love their wild guy. It was the network’s third most popular show 184,000 all night, even outrating a Free to Air first-run episode of critical darling Mad Men (132,000).

GO! was the top digital channel of the night on 4.6% with ONE in second place on 3.4%.

Seven won the evening in network shares.

Week 44


  1. i was dubious abot JMC but now Im hooked (or cooked). Shame on the cotton wool harbingers who said it was damaging to children. its not condescending or contrived and the points system fairer than popularity judging. great tv and great little kids and fantastically treated by the “judges”. supportive, fair, honest and real.

    You finished unpacking yet David? Noticed a bit more movement in the site so Im hoping you settled in well 🙂

  2. Hey GEM, why not put 60 Minutes back on 7:30pm Mondays…it’s better than your replacement, which I suspect are only repeats. These digital channels are a joke- with all their repeat TV series and movies.

  3. why does every1 love masterchef so much i like the 1 and 2nd seasons but i hate the Junior one its so stupid and X Factor deserves over 1.5 i rekon its a good show without if it was without Kyle and Luke Jacobs

  4. Was Sherlock only a couple of shows and not a series? I’ve only seen part of an ep and missed all talk on it…liked what I saw though.

    Stoked to see SBStwo getting good ratings. I will not rest until every house is tuned in on Sunday evenings from 7.30-9.30.

  5. I’ve said it before but I was watching Sherlock. If that hadn’t of been on I would have been watching Poirot. As long as channels provide a decent and intelligent alternative then I’ll be there. Not all people like reality shows. Although I guess I should be grateful for it making Castle late so I saw more of it after I’d watched Sherlock. That said I don’t like it as common practice. That’s why I like not watching the so called three main commercial channels (not including their other digital ones nor the ABC and SBS as they have a clock and use it). Because 60 Minutes stuffed Ch 9 up as per seemingly usual. And I only watch something after it 2-3 times a year (plus SBS or ABC at 7.30-8.30 pm). I’ll leave others to watch so called reality television.

  6. @ Mr. chandler Seven would be extremely dissapointed with the ratings for X Factor. 1m for such an expensive massively hyped show is dreadful and yes we are definately over these types of “talent” shows.

    Great news for JMC watched some of it and it’s amazing some of the things these kids can make!

  7. Absolutely loved Sherlock, and those kids on Masterchef are both really cute and amazing cooks – and the hosts seem really child focused and making it fun for the kids – great television. I agree X factor seems more than a bit contrived, and personally I don’t think any of them are very interesting – I’d rather a 4 layer chocolate cake any day. Have the Poirot episodes been broadcast before?

  8. Very happy to see Offspring figures on the rise again. The last couple of episodes have certainly been moving towards meatier subjects for key characters. Good to see these actors flexing their creative muscles. I’m a little surprised the last ep of Sherlock didn’t perform better, though. Was fantastic entertainment!

  9. Yeah, SBS2 on Sunday nights has some really good stuff. Now that Mondays on SBS1 are just Mythbusters and MvW repeats (why still no South Park? They ran double new eps just before the WC, but nothing since), it’s their best line-up of the week.

  10. Oh good – maybe the negative nellies that want to bury Offspring, will find something else to try to nail shut. Just under a million is a good figure, especially on a competitive night!

  11. Bear Grylls’ Escape To The Legion is a great show I am surprised it hasn’t been showed before on SBS 2.

    There are also some great first run shows on SBS 2 on Sunday including a Japanese gameshow where people walk on stilts over obstacle courses and other crazy stuff and another show from Japan that I think is better than the Wipeout show on GO!…. much more skill involved… no one seems to get to the final stage it is that difficult !

    Unbeatable Banzuke and Ninja Warrior are the names of the shows.

  12. 7 would be thinking what the about x factor. it just shows that the australia public are well and truely sick of those types of shows. one more thing, with one of their contestants that apparently went missing last week. didn’t it seem a bit staged the whole thing. it did to me seeing all the promos leading up to the pefromance show

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