Kerri-Anne: AFL players “picking up strays.”

Updated: Kerri-Anne Kennerley branding girls who socialise with players as 'strays' as Nine now seeks to qualify its own statements.

Kerri-Anne Kennerley has weighed into the debate on AFL footballers being questioned over an alleged sexual assault.

On her Nine morning show today Kennerley was interviewing Peter ‘Spida’ Everitt whose comments on Twitter yesterday sparked calls for his travel show to be dumped.

Referring to AFL players she said, “Their behaviour is in the spotlight. They know that.

“But they put themselves in harm’s way by picking up strays.”

Before Everitt could respond she added, “Now they’re laughing at me on the floor here for saying ‘strays’, but come on, we know girls, …forever, this is not a new thing. Girls have been throwing themselves at famous sports people for years.”

A Channel Nine spokesperson told the Sydney Morning Herald that Kennerley would not answer questions directly about the incident but released a statement:

“In relation to the ‘stray’ term used, responsibility cuts both ways with these sort of things, and not with just the one party.

“What she was speaking to Spida about was the fact that, not one party can be blamed for this. The responsibility lies with the girls as well as with the guys when you’re talking about alcohol-fuelled situations at three o’clock in the morning.”

Collingwood has confirmed two players have been questioned by Victoria Police but have not been charged.

Everitt’s travel show The Great Australian Doorstep currently airs on 7TWO.

Neither Seven nor Everitt have given any comment to emquiries from  TV Tonight.

Update: Nine has now qualified its statement it issued to media this morning.

The above statement was by no means meant to play down the very serious allegations of rape and domestic violence. It was in reference to a small segment of the conversation between Spida and Kerri-Anne.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald

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  1. I don’ think they are confused – I think they truly believe that a girl in a short skirt or one with a drink in her hand deserves to be raped.

    Disgusting, I hope your mothers are ashamed of you.

  2. What the hell Craig…”it takes two to tango”!? We’re talking about Rape here.

    Going home with someone does not automatically give consent to sex, regardless of whether the guy thinks he’s getting sex or not. Even if she Did consent to sex at first then said no half way through and he kept going, that would still be rape. I think some of you people are a little confused on the definition of “rape” here…and that is extremely sad and very scary.

  3. chk chk- reading you say that anyone could ever “ask for it” made me feel physically sick. Is it really the state in this country that there is no such thing as consenting adults, just those who put themselves in potentially risky situations and those who think they must suffer all manner of things at the hands of those in a position to exploit that risk. There are degrees, anything could happen to these girls, not just sex, they also put themselves at risk of murder, does that mean they deserve it, ask for it? Crimes are not allowable no matter what lead up to them happening.

  4. Yes Kerrie Anne says it like it is.Why the hell she has not had an afternoon forum style program (something missing on Aus screens with the exception of Insight) is beyond me.This style of tv is needed to discuss these very issues that are part of our society.
    As a hospitality worker i see every weekend exactly what is being said.I too do not agree that any form of harm is warranted but having said that the girls put themselves out there,get smashed & are therefore setting themselves up for a fall & then blame everyone else.The solution is simple…have a little composure,don’t get yourselves so drunk or stoned & get home safe.

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