Masterchef meets Iron Chef

Former MasterChef Australia contestants, and dating couple, Chris Badenoch and Julia Jenkins will appear in Seven’s Iron Chef series.

Badenoch was one of the finalists in the first season, famous for his “beer merchant” cooking style, his trademark hat and his post-show personal life in which his romance with Julia Jenkins attracted headlines. He was also accused of cheating by placing food orders with a supermarket in advance -a claim he denied.

Badenoch’s on-screen personality also saw him branded as the show’s “bad boy.”

Now he will compete in the local version of Iron Chef, cooking against either Neil Perry, Guy Grossi or Guillaume Brahimi.

He will be joined by Jenkins, with whom he is opening his new eatery Josie Bones in Collingwood, at the end of October.

“It was the opportunity to push myself,” Badenoch says.

“It’s one thing cooking against other amateurs. Going up against guys of this calibre is a rare opportunity.”

At least one episode of Iron Chef is said to see the challenger defeat the seasoned chef.

It will air from mid-October on Seven.



  1. The Australian version of Iron Chef is slightly different to the Japanese version, in which it gives the up-and-coming chefs a chance to compete against top chefs. Of the line-up revealed today (according to The Age website), the other five are chefs from restaurants in Sydney, Adelaide and Perth.

  2. Bit of a loop sided competetion if they pit non chefs against seasoned chefs (no pun intended), In the Japanesse version they have chefs from top resturants competing against the iron chefs.

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