MTV announces new Aussie “reality drama” Freshwater Blue

Move over Jersey Shore and The Hills... sexy girls and hunky guys from Sydney's Northern Shores are about to be hitting television screens.

Move over Jersey Shore and The Hills... sexy girls and hunky guys from Sydney’s Northern Shores are about to be hitting television screens.

MTV Australia will premieres a new “reality drama” series, Freshwater Blue, in December.

It describes the series as “a real-life entertaining, humorous and sometimes gritty, fly on the wall look at the lives of 12 young adults from Sydney’s Northern Beaches.”

Featuring nine females and just three males, it joins a genre of shows in which cameras follow the lives of real people, promising issues such as relationships, friendships, peer pressure, drinking and sex.

The development of the series has been the subject of speculation for some time. It will also include some locations on the Gold Coast.

While it is unscripted, the genre often involves situations that are assisted by Producers.

Rebecca Batties from MTV Networks Australia says, “After seeing a webisode that had been trialled by production company Freehand, the MTV team and I instantly loved it. We knew intrinsically that if we added MTV’s trademark production values, we could take it to a wider Australian youth audience through MTV. Freshwater Blue’s appeal is that it’s a 100% truly Australian – and 100% real life.”

Creator and Executive Producer, Toby Yoshimura, originally from New York, says “The show is what the cast has made it. It is all stories told from the heart and is 100% real life. My hope is that Australian audiences will get behind and love the uniquely Australian cast members as much as I do”.

Yoshimura has previously worked on Saturday Night Live and The Jerry Springer Show.

Cast member Nicola Johnson, says “It wasn’t all just fun and games – having to deal with my break up from a five year relationship was a big deal. It was hard enough anyway but it really wasn’t easy to go through that on camera. It was then that I realised how real this show was.”

Freshwater Blue is MTV Networks Australia’s first series commission.

It premieres in the rather low profile timeslot of 4:30pm Thursday December 2nd on MTV.

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  1. this is ridiculous.

    just watched a scene where the blond biddy was having a cry about her harry being there ‘but not being there…’ even if it wasnt scripted it sounded like she pre-planned it!

    the reason the hills/laguna beach worked was because they are hot (sorry but) and theyre going somewhere… these kids are doing nothing. the guys are alright though…

    it doesnt matter so much where you are setting this as to who is on it…

  2. Well, Im going to go against the majority here and say I loved it!!!
    Yes its not highly intellectual tv, but that is why I spend all day doing my PhD in Psychology – I watch TV to zone out and turn my brain off.
    Thought it was very entertaining and reminds me of the days of friends, boys and all the dramas. Life gets more mature and inevitably better, but it is never as dramatic as that stage of life! Was great to remember when what bathers you were going to wear was your biggest problem. Hope they make more!

  3. Wow… that was the biggest waste of time.
    It’s like watching my own life… but more boring, with more makeup and awkard one on one convos, with some showing off for the camera thrown in.
    I am not watching this again.
    Going by how awakard most of the kids seem I would say it was scripted. But it’s so boring it couldn’t possibly be! I have enough whining from my friends about their breakups I don’t want to watch it on TV too!

  4. These kids are a stupid and an utter disgrace. They make everyone on the northern beaches look like some stupid cliche that is just not reality. Binge drinking? grow up. The world doesn’t just revolve around you.

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