Returning: Bones, Highway Patrol, Beauty & the Geek, 30 Rock

Bones is coming back to Sundays, factuals for Wednesday, and 30 Rock moves to Thursdays.

More favourite shows are returning to Seven.

Bones begins its sixth season at 9pm Sunday October 17, following The X Factor. “The Mastadon In The Room” aired in the US on September 23rd.

With Cam’s reputation and career on the line, the team travels from overseas to help her solve the case of an unidentified young boy. As the Forensics Anthropology Unit lost much of its vigour after disbanding to pursue personal ventures, it will take the collaborative energy and knowledge of the newly reunited team to unravel evidence and find closure for the family of the unknown boy. After unearthing new clues in the lab and making unexpected personal discoveries, the team realises they belong back in Washington, D.C.

Highway Patrol returns 9:30pm Wednesday October 20th following City Homicide.

Tonight, Officer Luke Anderton pulls over a motorist driving 115kms in an 80km zone, and as it is, the driver is suspended and going to court for drink driving. But when the passengers get aggressive and chaos erupts, Officer Brad Mascoll does what it takes to ensure everyone’s safety. Then, Officer Dave Winton is following a car when the front seat passenger’s head suddenly pops up. Determined to keep the roads safe, Dave investigates.

On Thursday October 21 a 90 minute Beauty & the Geek Australia premieres, to be followed by a repeat of How I Met Your Mother. New 30 Rock will air at 10:30pm on a new night.

In the premiere episode of Beauty and the Geek Australia, our stunning beauties and academic geeks come together in the ultimate social experiment. This week, the geeks will have to rely on their very limited knowledge of beauty and fashion to design and dress their beauties for a pageant before a panel of very special judges, all former Miss Australia winners; while the beauties have to familiarise themselves with aeronautical engineering to build a flying device for their geeks to fly. Who will take flight?

“The Fabian Strategy”
Determined to help Liz keep a man for once, Jack meddles in her burgeoning relationship with Carol. At home, he also struggles to compromise with Avery as she redecorates his apartment. Meanwhile, Tracy Jordan has trouble coming to grips with Kenneth’s termination as a page and Jenna becomes TGS’ newest producer.


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  1. with the way castle was rating i’d say it’s in deservng of a promotion to 8:30 I think it could start as late as after easter in a 9:30 slot after the last few episodes of Bones then take the 8:30 slo until the next Fall season. it would be a waste to air it after 10:00 now imo.

  2. Excellent news having 30 Rock at 10.30pm. I hope it works on this new night though. I would have preferred Sun/Mon/Tue night but will make every effort to stay up on a Thu night to watch it.

  3. Yay! New 30 Rock. However, I don’t know how well it’ll go in that unfamiliarly early timeslot.

    Have seen a couple of ads for B & G lately. I know they’re taken out of context but some of the ‘bimbo’ statements made by the girls are priceless. Almost makes me want to tune in. Almost.

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