Returning: Fringe, The Listener.

Season Three of Fringe begins later this month followed by another screening of supernatural drama The Listener.

US drama Fringe finally returns to GO! later this month.

The third series will premiere at 9:30pm Thursday October 28th with “Olivia.” This premiered in the US on September 23rd.

In the third-season premiere, Olivia struggles to free herself from the alternate universe, while her auburn-haired counterpart works alongside the oblivious Peter and Walter.

It will be followed by Canadian drama The Listener which began on GO! but was taken off air. It resumes from the first episode in case you want to begin at the start.

The supernatural drama set in Toronto follows a young paramedic named Toby Logan with the ability to listen to people’s most intimate thoughts.

I’m an Adult Now
When Toby rescues a young woman from a terrible car accident, he starts having disturbing visions of the son of the woman, who has gone missing.

It airs at 10:30pm October 28th.

UPDATE: Fringe now 9:30pm Wednesday November 10.

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