Returning: Sleek Geeks

Self-confessed geeks Dr Karl Kruszelnicki and Adam Spencer return for their second season of their series Sleek Geeks on ABC1.

The show first aired in 2008 but wasn’t on air last year.

This year there will be eight themed episodes screening in the Thursday night slot that has been home to Catalyst for most of the year.

And wait until you get a look at the final episode in late December: “Weeing.”


Episode one: Superhuman
Every one of us shows unbelievable attributes, even if we don’t realise it. Karl and Adam look at the amazing complex things that we do in our everyday activities. Learning to walk, holding an egg without crushing it, recognising people by the pattern of their movement. We explore nerve reflexes and why they protect us and get right inside the ear. Along the way we learn the best way to kill a cockroach.

Karl embarks on a personal journey to prove his belief that you can lift a car off the ground using human hair. Karl gathers hair from volunteers, which is then woven into hanks by the Geelong Handweavers & Spinners Guild, which is then made into a rope by a professional rope maker. Karl then takes the rope to the CSIRO to try and prove his theory.

Adam investigates the red blood cell and discovers they process enough liquid to fill an Olympic swimming pool every 90 minutes. Ruben makes Adam lie on a bed of nails. If that’s not bad enough, Ruben then places a concrete block on Adam’s chest and smashes it with a sledgehammer. An audience member is asked to rank the weight of body parts. It is not as easy as you might think…

It airs 8:00pm Thursday 11th November on ABC1.


  1. This show was brilliant and original… Granted it likely won’t appeal to those who enjoy television shows such as Beauty and the Geek. This problem is not in the transmission.

  2. The first series was not very good, in fact it was rubbish. That this series also goes into the off-season indicates it may not be much better.

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