Returning: The Mentalist. Airdate: Sherlock. Bumped: Survivor

Nine spruces up its Monday line-up with the end of the Commonwealth Games.

The Mentalist returns at 8:30pm Monday October 18 for its third season.

It will be followed by the premiere of Sherlock at 9:30pm. This is a two hour episode, which is pretty late for a school night. Might be one for the PVR.

On Tuesday 19th Top Gear Australia returns at 7:30pm and will be followed by a 70 minute UK episode (Series 13 Ep 7 Guest: Jay Leno).

The net effect of that is that Survivor: Nicaragua is pushed back to a 9:40pm start.

A repeat of Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares follows at 10:40pm


  1. Well Sherlock will suit 9’s programming stategies – It only has 3 x 90 minute episodes, although with ads, 9 should be able to spin it ot to 130-140 minutes.

    I PVR recorded Kung Fu Panda last weekend for the grandkids – total time of 1Hr 57Minutes, then sat for 40 mins removing the ads (2.5 men etc).
    Ended up removing over 40 mins of ads

  2. way too much stuff on a monday, don’t know if I can fit Sherlock in, maybe if I watch it live but that never seems to work now that I am so reliant on my PVRs, Thursday would have been much better, not much on that night.

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