Returning: The Mentalist. Airdate: Sherlock. Bumped: Survivor

Nine spruces up its Monday line-up with the end of the Commonwealth Games.

The Mentalist returns at 8:30pm Monday October 18 for its third season.

It will be followed by the premiere of Sherlock at 9:30pm. This is a two hour episode, which is pretty late for a school night. Might be one for the PVR.

On Tuesday 19th Top Gear Australia returns at 7:30pm and will be followed by a 70 minute UK episode (Series 13 Ep 7 Guest: Jay Leno).

The net effect of that is that Survivor: Nicaragua is pushed back to a 9:40pm start.

A repeat of Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares follows at 10:40pm


  1. Survivor is the only 9 show i will chase around in their ridiculous show shuffle (and only because its Survivor). Sherlock looks good – I wont be watching it on 9; i just don’t trust them to show it properly.

  2. Looking forward to seeing Sherlock.

    Completely off-topic, also looking forward to seeing “Let the Right One In” on SBS this Saturday, 9 October 2010 at 10:00pm.

  3. Secret Squïrrel

    @Tony Mac – completely agree. I don’t understand why anyone at Nine would have thought that this fitted in with their audience, and then to put it on at 9:30 and worse, on a Monday just beggars belief. I’ll watch it elsewhere.

    Good to see that The Mentalist is finally starting (“medium-tracked”) but I’m not missing out on The Event so I won’t be watching it either.

  4. There’s no doubt that a repeat of Top Gear UK would do better than Survivor is doing right now, so I understand the move. 9:40 isn’t that late.

  5. Got Sherlock on BR-D and I can only highly recommend it. Very modern and very good acted. Watch for Moriarty character in the last episode, he’ll still the show.

  6. that’s a big call saying there would be a 2 million viewer rating if Shelock started at 8:30

    i recall New Two and a Half Men/Big Bang would return “soon” this year. Any word on this?

  7. Channel 9, you are the most stupid F***ed up network, I’ve ever seen, you don not put a world class drama such as Sherlock which rated extremly high in the uk at 9.30, a move to 8.30 would of scored it 2 million

  8. too little too late again by channel 9
    already seen sherlock. 3 months ago. quite enjoyable. (so much for fasttracked)
    keep in mind there is only 3 episodes of Sherlock produced (not including the pilot)

  9. cannot wait for the Mentalist. As for Sherlock its brillant!-ends on a clifferhanger.
    I agree ABC should have brought it, well it on. ABC is showing Jeremy Brett series of sherlock Holmes, as well as partners in crime.

  10. First Sherlock should have been on the ABC but that aside it’s a Sunday type show better suited to 8:30 as each of the 3 special at 2 hours long when Nine puts in the ads. It’s a solid series but Mondays at that time it’s just not going to rate, at least with just 3 eps it’s not likely to be moved or axed, is it?

    Second what happened to Nine having the rights to the full UK eps? Are they just showing them when they want to? I’m a TG fan but seriously do you need 2 shows in one night, also I was kinda hoping the local one would be 90 mins, 60 with the ads edited out.

  11. When are too many episodes of Top Gear on Nine and Go, too much? It’s ironic that they’re trying (yet again) to revive the last goose that laid the golden eggs, Gordon Ransay, that they flogged to death a couple of years ago.

  12. I have no idea why nine was interested in purchasing Sherlock in the first place as it clearly isn’t aimed at beer swilling Bogans, (which seems to be nine’s target audience in recent times), so its no surprise that they would play it in that timeslot.
    I’m honestly baffled as to why they would bother.
    I agree with Johnson, that had it been on abc on a sunday night it would have been big…
    I look forward to watching the show…when it ends being replayed on abc2 in a few years time.

  13. Yes Sherlock definately should have been on the ABC – Ch 9 will ruin it with ads.

    Speaking of timeslots and the ABC – does anyone know when Series 3 of Ashes to Ashes will air? I love that show and am desperate to see how it all ends.

  14. I am glad the Mentalist is back, might even watch Sherlock.
    Why the delay though since the Comm Games are not rating well?
    The third season of The Mentalist premiered on September 23, 2010. So really this isn’t fast tracked. And we will only get 6 eps before the ginormous summer break!

    I think Two months is too long. How can we change the ratings periods???

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