Righto youse bludgers, here’s the flamin’ news…


One poor bugger reading the news up the bush is in strife for chucking in too much ocker slang into his news banter.

News Presenter Doug Hogan has been reading Wagga’s Prime News for more than 20 years but now he’s copping it sweet for his “informal” lingo.

The local Daily Advertiser reckons he’s been guilty of these crimes:

….a new “bloke” in charge at Young fire station, “kids” (for children), “coppers” (for police), “clicks” (for a speed reading), “copped” a fine of 1000 “bucks”, around the “joint” (region) and a magistrate who “chucked the book at him”.

He even had the nerve to call Cootamundra “Coota”, said a train had “come a cropper” and said police at Young and Boorowa were “after the crooks” in another story.

Fair suck of the sav…

The newspaper reckons some bloke from some community service organisation has had a gutful.

“My friends say they don’t want to hear this or for their grandchildren to hear it,” he said.

But it neglected to name the bloke or even the mob he’s from.

Strike me pink.

Prime’s news editor John Rudd eloquently said neither he nor Hogan would respond to anonymous complaints.


  1. Can’t we return to newsreaders having to speak the purist Queen’s English? God forbid we be able to speak the language correctly. I am not saying they need to put on an English accent, but proper pronunciation and elocution for all on air talent wouldn’t go astray.

  2. Yeah right. This isn’t true Aussie slang. It it was, it would be littered with swear words. For example. He wouldn’t have just said, “a Train came a cropper.”
    He would have said. “a effing train off the effing rails today. I bet some stupid c word is in a load of S word. hey?”. Then we would have to sit there for 10 minutes, telling everyone who’d listen, what he had done if he was driving. And how he would have got out of it if, the train he was driving started to go off the rails. And you could bet your house. It would have involved jumping the train over something. Or doing a wheelie.

  3. Doug Hogan is a shocking newsreader anyway. I never watch him, he has this annoying habit of starting a sentence off in a loud voice and slowly trailing off quieter towards the end. Every time! It’s incredibly annoying and I for one have no idea how he has delivered us news for 20 years…

  4. I’d love to watch the news delivered like this! Haven’t we moved on from the days of ABC newsreaders having to clearly enunciate the Queen’s English complete with English accent? I think those objecting are suffering cultural cringe.

    Qubec, you need to watch more of Kate Burridge on “can we help?”. The word that the pronunciation of “h” was derived from originally (same word that “hash” was derived from) originally had a pronounced “h”, but had become dropped by some, like Americans who say “erb” rather than “herb”. The controversy over the pronunciation of “h” is akin to foreigners adopting “erb” as a word into their language, and then insisting it’s pronounced “erb” (the abbreviated form that took off in popularity) rather than “herb” (it’s actual original correct pronounciation in the mother language).

  5. I think the complaints are justified. Whilst it is fine to speak informally using the colourful Aussie vernacular, it is very unprofessional and amateur to deliver a formal, televised news service using such expressions. The news should be read formally, unless their is a lighter puff piece where this sort of slang can be used, but even that is stretching it. Otherwise, no way, he deserves the criticism. I don’t care if he’s reading for a laid-back country audience, the news should be read properly.

    @boxhead, I totally agree. That is a pet hate of mine as well. The news readers on the radio station I listen to often use the expressions “cops”, “pollies”, “fireys” and “ambos” when reading their news bulletins. What the??????????? Talk about ordinary and unprofessional.

  6. I think the worst boganisn anyone can do on TV is mispronounce the letter ‘h’ as “hayche” rather than the correct “ayche”. I literally shudder everytime!

  7. The blokes and sheilas who complain about newsreader Doug Hogan should get a life. I wish I could hear him here in Melbourne. Long live Aussie Slang.
    Far too much Politically Correct ‘ Tish ‘ going on. Why don’ t they switch channels.

  8. Sounds like he’s a fan of the legendary Cootamundra Hoges.
    (for those who don’t recall the old Paul Hogan Show, one of his memorable sketches featured a character called Cootamundra Hoges – his version of Indiana Jones – it’s definitely worth a look on YouTube).

  9. The Prime Wagga whiners who made the complaints: Fair shake of the sauce bottle, At least you guys still have local news: Some parts of our sunburnt country don’t even have local news anymore, just straight relays of metro channels.

  10. It also sounds ordinary (and a little contrived) when the girl who does the Prime News updates calls the emergency services “ambos” and “fireys”.

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