Rush nears renewal

It's been a bad week for local drama, but some good news is just around the corner.

While the future of City Homicide is unclear and Sea Patrol has one more season, TEN is close to announcing good news on Rush.

TV Tonight understands a formal announcement on a fourth series is likely in the near future.

Major surprises from new shareholders notwithstanding, the signs are all good for a return on the cop drama.

But it is could be trimmed from 22 episodes to 13.

TEN will also have new episodes from the current season which will carry over into the new year.

You heard it here first….

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  1. I agree with DC’s comments. I also think Rush needs to find a set number of writers, because at the moment they have so many different people writing each episode who seem to have different plans/ideas for the characters. And the last thing it needs is yet another inter-team relationship. All IMO of course!

  2. @DC, I totally agree with you too, would love to see some character action between Shannon and Lawson.
    I feel there is at least one or more series of Rush for us to enjoy.

    Both Rush and City Homicide have had much better plots this year so why do we have US cop shows showing again and again ?

  3. @DB – Never said it needs to turn into a soap….just asked for a bit more character development. Theres a happy medium between becomming a soap and simple deeper character plotting.As for the ratings, its current stories dont seem to be increasing the ratings so this would probably give them a boost!

  4. @DC Why does it need to be about the characters? Not every drama show on tv needs to be a soap style show that delves into the characters lives. We have enough shows on tv that do that already. One of my favorite police shows was axed because they turned it into a soap and it lost viewers due to it.

  5. Glad others agree, Yeah definitely was more character focussed in season 1. I thought the miscarriage with Stella would open a whole plot up with Michael but no, she just casually mentioned it in the locker room like she was asking him “if he wanted to get a drink’ or something and was never spoken of again.
    Lawson has become this one dimensional angry guy who has the same expression on his face every episode,
    This Tash and Josh relationship doesntt work because theyve only shared about 3mins of screentime together for the whole season..who is she?
    And Shannon is a complete blank canvas….who is she,whats her story?Wats she like as a person?
    Its very frustrating, i think the stories/writting is the main letdown with this show because the cast and most importantly editing and music is excellent!

  6. They really need more storylines focussed on the main characters….not just another bomb threat every week. Its at its best when it delves in the characters lives but over 3 seasons we know nothing about them.

    Stella’s miscarriage was barely spoken about, Kerry’s drug addicted son has barely got more than a passing mention or any screen time since he got beaten up, Whatever happened to Lawson’s girlfriend ( I know she went off to go and star in offspring but seriously a bit of closure would have being nice) and after 2 seasons we still not absolutely nothing about Shannon at all!

    I love Rush but maybe something to consider for season 4’s writers.

  7. I must admit I haven’t checked up on how Sea Patrol has been rating – something to do with the mere mention of it setting me soundly to sleep – but do we really need it back? The fact it has a decent cast only makes it more painful.

  8. See this is what I like about ch 10. They back there shows. When everyone was bagging the 7pm project they supported the show and kept it going. Its nice to see them support local drama now with Rush.

  9. I’m pleased about this because it has the best actors of any current Aussie drama.
    Some of the stories are a bit weak but this is a entertaining show and deserves another series.It’s a shame good Aussie dramas like this aren’t watched more.

  10. Behind PTTR, City Homicide and Rush are the best Aussie shows on tv. Definitely the best cop shows so they both deserve to get renewed. City Homicide is actually my favourite Aussie show now. Keep it please Seven.

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