So did Yasmin ever Get Married?

Did Yasmin ever get to walk down the aisle?

After just a handful of episodes back in 2006, TEN famously pulled the plug on the reality series Yasmin’s Getting Married in which 29 year old recruitment manager Yasmin Dale was due to find a bloke and walk down the aisle. It tanked as soon as it hit screens. Some will remember that it was actually a girl named Rene who was supposed to get married but bailed at the last minute.

Today on Nova’s national drive show, she will chat with Ryan, Monty & Wippa as part of a reality TV reunion special.

Former Big Brother contestant and Nova Adelaide breakfast host Ryan Fitzgerald will be hosting the green room during the program.

Appearing in the broadcast from 4pm will be:
* Big Brother’s Vesna Tosevska (series 5) and Gianna Pattison (series 5).
* Adro Sarnelli who lost 50kg to become the winner of the debut series of The Biggest Loser.
* Temptation Island’s couple Warren Henningsen and Alana Nott. Alana publically cheated on Warren during the series.
* Gavin and Waz from the first series of The Block.
* Thomas Haynes and Susannah Murray from Big Brother series 7.
* Yasmin from Yasmin’ s Getting Married will chat to the guys on the phone.

When TEN cancelled Yasmin’s Getting Married they said they would foot the bill if she ever found her man.

Source: Mediaweek


  1. I remembered this show. Got advertised for months as Renee is getting married, just before it started it turned to Yasmin is getting married, then got canned after a week. Never felt so confused for one show ever, except for There’s Something About Miriam. I don’t think i’ll believe anything i see on telly again

  2. @ Ell / Sillygostly. It premiered with 778,000 and its last episode on the Friday rated 510,000.

    @ Mandy – Yasmin replaced Rene, not the other way around.

  3. Haven’t these people had their 5 minutes? Gavin and Waz are still trying to hang onto their momenet in the spotlight….give it up boys- new contestants have taken your spotlight..

  4. the only saving grace from the excreble Yasmin’s getting married show was the talented Jo Stanley – alas she could not rescue it – but she is always fun to watch on screen

  5. I want to know what happened to the people that won the Hot House.

    It was a show on ten where couples were building a house on the gold coast. (Lasted only one season, but they played it all)

    Young couple with kids won it i wonder if they kept or sold it
    the moment they got the keys…


  6. Does anyone recall what sort of figures Yasmin’s Getting Married got when it was screened and in what timeslot? I vaguely recall it getting something appallingly low like 400,000?

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