The Bill finale

A reminder that ABC1 airs the first of the two part finale of The Bill.

A reminder that tonight on ABC1 is the first of the two part finale of The Bill.

These two episodes mark the ending of the UK drama’s legendary run from 1984 to 2010.

The episode hinges aound the death of a teenager in council flats. The final hour airs next week followed by a retrospective special a week later.

In this two-part story (the last two of The Bill) 14-year-old Liam Martin is stabbed on a local estate and dies in Insp. Smith’s (Smithy) Alex Walkinshaw) arms. Sgt. Callum Stone (Sam Callis) and the troops give chase but fail to catch the suspect running from the scene. CCTV footage confirms Liam was acting as a ‘mule’ in the ‘Parkway Crew’ gang for leaders Gary Wilson (Darragh Mortell) and Carlos Miller (Lewis Chase). Police trace the ambulance call to another gang member Derek Bailey (Femi Wilhelm), but he won’t talk.

CCTV shows that Jasmine Harris (Faye Daveney) – a previous informant of DC Mickey Webb (Chris Simmons) – was spotted near the murder scene, and Mickey tracks her down for an informal chat. She feels Mickey betrayed her in their past dealings and refuses to talk but Jasmine is implicated when her call was the last to Liam’s phone, and she’s arrested and brought in for questioning by Superintendent Jack Meadows (Simon Rouse).

The team believes Jasmine was used by the gang to lure Liam to his eventual fate, and DC Grace Dasari (Amita Dhiri) gets Jasmine to admit that Carlos Miller forced her to make the call. With their only clue to the murder being a bloody footprint, Smithy and the team visit Carlos’s house in search of trainers, only to find he’s washed them and some clothing that morning. With barely enough evidence to arrest Carlos, Smithy and Stone bring him into Sun Hill for questioning. All he will admit is that it was self-defence.

Meanwhile, Jasmine is released on bail, against the advice of Mickey who fears for her safety. She returns to the estate, without protection, into the arms of the gang who take savage revenge on her for talking to the police and disrespecting the gang…

To be continued….

It airs at 8:30pm tonight on ABC1.

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  1. I was kinda disappointed with part 1 of the finale, pretty unspectacular stuff so far, hopefully the last episode ever will be more interesting. Would be great if they repeated the show right from season 1, i only started watching it about 8 yrs ago so would like to see it from the start.

  2. I too have watched The Bill since 1984. It’s been mostly excellent in all that time. Taught me heaps about police work, evidence gathering etc. Sad to see it go. I thought the latest revamp gave it a new lease of life but not to be. Farewell old friend.

  3. Not everyone wants to watch television programmes on their computer! I’m looking forward to a night in to watch the finale – haven’t watched in a few years now but worth giving The Bill a good send off!

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