Top Gear Live for Melbourne and Brisbane

Jeremy Clarkson and James May will tour Top Gear Live next March.

Jeremy Clarkson and James May will tour Top Gear Live to Melbourne and Brisbane next year.

The “all new Prototype” event will play The Brisbane Entertainment Centre 3rd – 6th of March, and The Melbourne Showgrounds 11th – 14th of March.

Sydney has twice hosted live Top Gear events.

The show promises “more stunts, more flames, more power and definitely more debate.”

Tickets go on sale for both shows on November 10th via Ticketek.com.au

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  1. I sort of agree and disagree with you Moe. It’s very hard for them to do a live show like the tv show. If they were to do it correctly, we’d most probably spend the time looking at the screen as the road tests and challenges would be too dangerous for a place that size. I think the whole point is to go, smell burning rubber, close calls etc by people trained to do it in a confined space. I’m not saying May and Clarkson can’t do it, but I’d hate to see that insurance bill.

    I agree that they should have more presenter involved stuff, but apart from that I think it’s a great live show that works well. Let’s be honest, those two usually only bicker on the show, so I think you get that at Top Gear Live.

  2. I made the trek to Sydney for this year’s one, and I was really under-whelmed by it. It wasn’t bad, but it is too much focused on the cars hooning around by stunt drivers than on the presenters and what you’d watch the show for.

    Being in Melbourne will mean I’ll probably go again, but it isn’t as good as I was hoping.

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