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Prolific writer / creator Stephen J. Cannell, who wrote more than 300 TV scripts, died on Thursday. He was 69.

Prolific writer / creator Stephen J. Cannell died on Thursday of melanoma at his home in Pasadena. He was 69.

His credits are so numerous that it is nearly impossible to tabulate all his work, which ranged from writing episodes of Ironside in 1970 to a producer credit on this year’s feature The A-Team, based on the 1980s series he co-created and executive produced.

He wrote or co-wrote more than 300 TV scripts and produced or executive-produced more than 520 episodes.

Cannell was nominated for six Emmys and won once, best drama series for The Rockford Files .

Among the more than 40 series he created or helped create are The Rockford Files, Baa Baa Black Sheep (aka Black Sheep Squadron), Baretta, The Greatest American Hero, Hardcastle and McCormick, Riptide, 21 Jump Street, Wiseguy, Hunter and The Commish.

In 1986, Cannell had four shows on the air: A-Team, Hardcastle, Riptide and Hunter.

His writing credits include multiple episodes of shows ranging from such 1970s dramas as Adam-12, Rockford, Black Sheep and Baretta through the ’80s and ’90s series American Hero, A-Team, Stingray and Wiseguy, Jump Street, Cobra, Commish, Renegade and Silk Stalkings.

Cannell is survived by his wife Marcia and three children.


Source: Hollywood Reporter

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  1. Oh heck – this is sad! The man was amazing – so prolific and hardworking! Most of us only have one or two great ideas in a life time he ws just brimming with them! A real loss to the industry!

  2. Terribly sad to hear. I’d only just sampled an episode of Tenspeed and Brownshoe (with a young Jeff Goldblum alongside Ben Vereen) and it was terrific. So many classics in his resume, and he managed to effortlessly swing from lighthearted fare to more serious, hard-edged stuff. And he managed to be hugely productive in spite of dyslexia. RIP.

  3. Stephen J. Cannell will be sorely missed. He was a talented and versatile writer whose work spanned many years and genres. I particularly enjoyed his show The Commish which was a fine blend of drama, suspense and humour. RIP Stephen J. Cannell.

  4. Saddest news all week…as a much loved creator and writer of some of the finest TV shows (GAH, and A Team being personal favourites) he will be sorely missed. That’s it, all plans for the weekend have now been scrapped in favour of a Greatest American Hero marathon. Rest In Peace Mr Cannell….Rest In Peace.

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