When Rebel met Joan

Rebel Wilson recently filmed an episode of Rules of Engagement in LA, where she met the legendary Joan Collins.

“It was only a small guest role in Episode 507 (“Les Bros”) of a potential surrogate mother,” she told TV Tonight.

The Bogan Pride star / creator was nearly thrown when she met the former Dynasty star.

“I accidentally thought she was being bitchy to me when I first met her in the ‘food room’ on rehearsal day but it turns out, she just has very piercing eyes – she was really very nice,” she said.

Wilson has been based in the US for some time where she has been quietly accruing roles in TV and film including Comedy Central’s Workaholics and the Judd Apatow film, Bridesmaids, to be released next May.

“I also have a television and first feature project in development here, and was lucky enough to do ‘punch-up’ (adding jokes) to a new HBO pilot recently.”

Wilson will soon return to Australia for a presenting role at the ARIA Awards.


  1. Andrew… Just because it included pictures doesn’t make it a confidential page. David is reporting on an Aussie talent getting work on American television. This is a great story for Rebel, and the ‘industry’ needs to know about.
    Thanks for the update David, I appreciate it.

  2. Wow, she’s certianly doing well in the U.S.! Reports are (in Variety Magazine) she is collaborating with Borat/Bruno/Ali G writer Dan Mazer on a new television pilot. I think if you look at Rebel’s earlier work in Pizza and The Wedge she certainly showed huge potential – she was so young then and is probably coming into her own now that she’s a bit older. She writes, she acts, she imprvises and does stand-up – pretty good combination – no wonder U.S. has recognised her!

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