Airdate: Big J’s Place

A new live variety-style show is making a low-key premiere on Saturday afternoon on 7TWO.

Big J’s Place
will feature former NRL player Jason Stevens hosting a show which with celebrity interviews, music reviews, performances and comedic skits.

Tomorrow it features Glenn Robbins, Mike Posner and Jessica Mauboy while series guests will see Charlotte Dawson, Guy Sebastian, Daniel MacPherson, George Houvardas, Rachael Finch, Esther Anderson, Luke Mitchell & Rebecca Breeds plus musical acts featuring Stan Walker, Michael Paynter and Amy Meredith.

Former MTV host Maz Compton will host the DVD and CD review.

“I’m looking forward to a return to family values with Big J’s Place and it’s going to be great to feature such a cross section of Australian talent, some of whom will perform in a way the public has never seen before,” Stevens said.

Stevens was also a contestant on Dancing with the Stars.

The half hour show will air across summer on 7Two at 12:30pm with repeats being shown on Mondays (6am) and Wednesdays (12am).



  1. Jason Stevens … You have no talent for Television !!! You’re so mechanical in the way you come across. Any TV network that gives you a go is shooting themselves in the foot., no the whole torso ! You may fool some, but not all of us.

  2. Just axe it,its bloody awful & a waste of TV space.
    Another boofhead who thinks he has talent of the field…………………………Not!!!!!!!

  3. all i could think when watching this was… what is the damn point of it all?
    in his ‘interview’ with dan macpherson, it looked like 2 mates talking about crap of little interest to anyone else, but completely aware they had cameras on them so also not chatting as 2 mates would.
    the opening bit about a bear being defeated by a zucchini should have been a 10 second joke. they stretched in to about 2 gruelling minutes of the worst tv i’ve seen in a while.
    do we need any more variety shows? and if so, do we need a guy who stands and sits stiff and unnatural to grind through bad jokes with the charisma of a used condom? some people aren’t meant to be hosts.
    and the movie/music reviewer – perfect example of crap babbling annoying trash ‘reporter’ that we need less of. poor delivery, poor material, boring and irritating personality.
    i never did watch ‘warnie’ but it couldn’t have been worse than this, surely?

  4. Where are these competitions we are supposed to be able to enter ? Obviously this is what the 3rd or 4th show so c’mon guys get your act into gear here.

    This is my entry for the Luke Mitchell segment

    Luke plays tennis really quite well
    and for an actor his head doesn’t swell
    He tooks J’s insults with a grain of salt
    but I think J was looking for a different result
    Remember J you may be tall
    but when you got hit by Lukes tennis Ball
    the bigger you are the harder you fall
    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  5. @ Eveeryone! Whay are you all so negative and harsh before you have even seen the first episode! You should Never assume…otherwise you will make as ‘Ass’ out of ‘U’ and ‘Me”. I say, come on now, give it a go.

  6. Why is it that footy players seem to think they can host tv programs once they tire of the game?? Non sensical! Talent on the football field does not translate to television hosting! I give this show a couple of weeks before it fades away like a flower……

  7. I cannot understand why Seven would give him his own show. He was absolutely on dreadful on Matty Johns Show. His celeb interviews were embarrassing and cringe-worthy, and the little doco segments of him were sad really. Nothing against him, he is just very bad on television.

  8. So 7 is paying him and iving him airtime to air his conservative views?

    Will he tell people who have sex outside of marriage or turn out to be gay they are sinners destined to hell?

    That is the crap he spouts in his “counselling” and “book.”

    That’s my honest opinion.

  9. Had no idea what this show was when I saw it in the EPG, but set it to record when I saw Glenn Robbins was going to be on. Don’t know who this guy is, but shall see what the show is like anyhow.

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