Airdate: My Mum Talks to Aliens

Meet the Australian woman who is said to be one of the world's leading authorities on extraterrestrial life.

Later this month SBS screens a documentary that follows the work and personal life of one of the world’s leading authorities on extraterrestrial life, Mary Rodwell (not to be confused with Roswell!).

This Australian woman works in this field all over the world, counselling people who have experience an alien encounter. She has worked in the US, Canada, Asian, European, Russia and other countries but her son is a sceptic. A mother and son Scully and Mulder?

My Mum Talks to Aliens is an intriguing documentary that follows a mother and son on a journey of discovery, as they travel the country in pursuit of solid evidence of an alien presence here on Earth.

There is one issue that is driving a wedge between mother and son – Mary and Chris Rodwell – the existence of extraterrestrial life. Chris is a self-confessed alien sceptic, whilst his mum Mary is a leading global authority on the subject. But her beliefs have come at a cost, her husband left and it is now impacting on her relationship with Chris.

Mary attempts to convince and educate her son, and thus the world about aliens. She introduces her son to her clients who have had first-hand alien abduction experiences, as well as revealing clear, never before- seen footage of UFO’s.

She also visits acclaimed Astrophysicist, Ragbir  Bhatal from the University of Western Sydney. Bhatal is one of only three people in the world whose job it is to scan the skies for alien communications.

Mary may be one of the world’s leading alien abduction councillors, and she may be in demand all over the world for her expert extraterrestrial advice, but can she convince her own son about her out-of-this-world beliefs, and save her most precious relationship of all?

My Mum Talks to Aliens airs 8:30pm Tuesday November 30th on SBS ONE.

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