Airdate: The Battle for Late Night

This month the Bio Channel features a two-hour special that pulls back the curtain on the big egos, big drama and big business in the world of late night US television.

It includes a look at “Lenogate”, the highly publicised dispute over NBC’s late night programme, between Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien, that saw O’Brien leave the network.

Produced by New Wave Entertainment it features archival footage of choice moments of Conan, Leno and Letterman from the late-night wars of 1993, and new 2010 interviews with the New York Times reporter Bill Carter.

It will focus on everyone from Don Rickles and Johnny Carson to David Letterman and Jimmy Fallon.

Craig Kilborn also speaks candidly about both of his late-night adventures.

It airs Sunday November 21 at 8.30pm on Bio.


  1. Benj: get rid of Foxtel, trust me you will not miss it and you’ll have $50-$100 in your pocket each month. If you miss anything, its always on YouTube or downloadable. Even Bargan Hunt and Monster House have been picked up by the digital channels along with Family Guy, American Dad, My Name is Earl, South Park…the list goes on.

  2. You would think with GEM acquiring Conan Foxtel would actually do something about returning the Lat Night Legends.

    Everyday I inch closer to giving Foxtel the flick…

  3. The Comedy Channel haven’t done a single thing and won’t.
    The other Foxtel channels could and other free to air channels , Thankyou Gem.
    I hate the way Jay Leno was on 7two and on Comedy Channel and then all of a sudden it was on neither !! so ridiculous ….

  4. Small correction David. It was the highly publicised dispute over NBC’s Tonight Show, not Late Night program. No one was fighting over the 1230 to 130am time slot!

  5. but no news on whether the actual shows are going to screen .
    Missing since July – every late night show except for Letterman.
    Yes it certainly is a battle , with Foxtel .
    We want the talk shows , not a documentary about the talk shows!!

  6. Please tell me that’s coming to FTA, I’d sit down and watch it if it came to a FTA network, considering Seven2 had Leno, Ten has Letterman and Go! is about to start airing Conan it would be a facinating insight.

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