Airdate: The Magnificent Tati

Film buffs may not have noticed there is a documentary on the comic genius of Jacques Tati buried in your Guide this Sunday arvo on ABC1.

This was originally due to have a primetime screening on ABC2 last Sunday but was bumped for the Joan Sutherland Memorial.

However it still airs where it was due to be replayed, a 3:30pm this Sunday on ABC1. As a result this is now it’s premiere.

The Magnificent Tati is the first English language documentary which explores the work of French director/comedian/creator extraordinaire Jacques Tati. One of cinema’s greatest artists, Tati pushed cinema to its limits with six feature films that redefined how we experience movies.

The documentary follows the filmmaker’s career from his roots in the Parisian music-halls of the ‘30s to his rise, and ultimate fall from grace after the release of his groundbreaking masterpiece PlayTime.

Produced in collaboration with Les Films de Mon Oncle (the Jacques Tati Archive) in Paris, this film offers unprecedented access to the world of Jacques Tati. Featuring stunning footage from his films and insightful contributions from an eclectic range of interviewees, including admirers Mike Mills, Frank Black and Sylvain Chomet, as well as artists, academics and former collaborators, The Magnificent Tati proves absolutely fascinating.

The Magnificent Tati is an unmissable screening for Tati devotees and a great introduction to his work for those yet to experience his genius.


  1. Thanks for the heads up, David. This does sound very good.

    World Movies aired PlayTime a few months ago – it was the first time I’d seen it, and it certainly lived up to the hype!

  2. maybe ABC (e.g. ABC2) might like to follow this up by showing some of Tati’s movies? I remember seeing Mon Oncle and Monsieut Hulot’s Holiday many years ago. They were on SBS but it was so long ago I don’t think they have the rights to them anymore.

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