Airdate: Warnie

Shane Warne’s new chat show, Warnie, begins on Nine in the final week of ratings, immediately following the auction episode of The Block.

The show, to be produced in both Melbourne and Sydney, is said to include interviews with Sting, Pink, Chris Martin and Daniel Radcliffe. James Packer has also apparently agreed to an interview, which is somewhat ironic given the recent turn of media events.

It begins at 9pm Wednesday November 22nd.

Shane Warne chats with some of the biggest names in sport and entertainment from around the world in his own unique style, as well as providing a fun and entertaining look at what’s happening on and off the pitch in one of the most anticipated Ashes series in memory.

It will be followed by True Hollywood Story: Charlie Sheen at 10pm.

The tumultuous life of Charlie Sheen, one of Hollywood’s most successful actors and notorious bad boys, is chronicled. Featuring interviews with ex-girlfriends and former Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss, everything from Charlie’s “Hollywood hippie” childhood, to his sexual escapades in the ’90s, to his current headline-making legal woes is revealed.

Embarrassing Bodies follows at 11pm.


  1. I’d rather poke my eye out with a fork than watch Warnie. Here’s an idea, ditch Warnie and have Sting and Pink and Daniel Radcliffe and Chris Martin talk to each other – far more interesting and valuable.

  2. Why are TV stations so quick to hire arrogant, mysogenistic, drug-abusing ex-sports star louts as their front men? (eg Newman, Johnsx2, Sailor etc etc)
    Why does ‘Destructive Personality = Perfect TV Host’ in a TV Execs eyes?

    I’m already aching with embarrassment.

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