Conan: guests

As previously reported, Conan joins GEM from next Tuesday night.

Nine publicity notes indicate the show will be “fast-tracked nightly direct from the United States” at 11:30pm Tuesdays to Fridays.

Let’s hope they stick to their word…

The new TBS show marks the return of the popular late-night host following his exit from NBC.

GEM’s screening will be the first time O’Brien has aired regularly on Free to Air TV in Australia.

First week guests are as follows:
Tuesday, November 9: Seth Rogen and music guest Jack White
Wednesday, November 10: Tom Hanks, Jack McBrayer and Soundgarden
Thursday, November 11: Jon Hamm, Charlyne Yi and Fistful of Mercy
Friday, November 12: Michael Cera, Julie Bowen and comedian Jon Dore


  1. So that is Conan O’Brien they’re advertising. He looks like a deadset idiot. Based on first impressions from the promos no one would watch it.

    I also understand that it is probably done like that for a US audience but for them it has some context. It has no context here. So he looks like an idiot.

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