CSI: Season Final?

Tonight's "Season Final" is actually Episode 3 of Season 11.

After Parenthood tried this on for Tuesday, now CSI is up to the same tricks.

Nine is promoting tonight’s episode as a “Season Final.”

But “Blood Moon” is actually Episode 3 of Season 11.

In fact it doesn’t even follow last week’s Episode 6.

“Blood Moon” was skipped a few weeks ago.

TEN on the other hand is more sensibly discerning “2010 Final” for some of its shows.

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  1. Reminds me of the “New Season” of House (and other shows) that is on every week. For the last couple seasons of House, every new episode is a “New Season” rather than a “New Episode”. Must be pretty short 1-episode seasons!

  2. There is so much false advertising on the commercials by both the networks and advertisers, that I don’t believe anything without confirmation from an unrelated source. The ads are pretty irrelevant to me and I take no notice of them. They only have themselves to blame.

  3. So Nine is up to it’s old tricks now, and on top of the ‘season final’ they are screwing with the ep order.

    I agree TEN is doing the right thing with the likes of House and Good Wife being 2010 final episode.

    Why do they insist on lying when they know fans of the shows can easily check online to so the truth?

  4. They also tried to do this with CSI Miami’s return a couple of months ago, touting it as the season premiere when in fact it was the third last episode of the previous season…. do they think we’re stupid? Shame 9, shame….

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