Foxtel launches Summer Programming

Foxtel last night plunged into a pool party at The Ivy in Sydney, to celebrate "100 Days of Summer".

Foxtel last night plunged into a cool summer with a party at The Ivy in Sydney for industry and media.

In attendance to celebrate “100 Days of Summer” were CEO Kim Williams, Director of Television Brian Walsh (in a thematic summery shirt), and personalities including Matt Passmore, Charlotte Dawson, Ruby Rose, Alex Perry, Tara Moss, the cast of Freshwater Blue, cast members from Cloudstreet, Top Model winner Amanda Ware, Channel V’s Billy Russell, Laura Dundovic, Anthony Mundine, Rodger Corser and more.

“You’ve only got to get a sense of Shark Week on Discovery to know that summer is upon us and with it comes a whole bunch of blockbuster programming,” he said.

Summer highlights include:
Dating in the Dark (FOX8).
Freshwater Blue (MTV).
The Jesters: Season Two in February (Movie Extra).
The Statesmen of Comedy (Comedy Channel).
Tough Nuts (Crime & Investigation).
Gossip Girl (FOX8).
Entourage (Arena).
Dexter (Showcase).
Eastbound and Down (Showcase).
Live to Dance: January (FOX8).
American Idol: January (FOX8).
The Glades (W Channel).
Come Dine with Me Australia: Season Three (LifeStyle).
Selling Houses Australia: Season Four (Lifestyle).

Foxtel traditionally saves some of its premium fare for summer whe Free to Air TV takes a holiday.

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  1. I’ve been with Foxtel since the galaxy days, I must say I’m more than disappointed with the amount of adds on most channels, the massive amount of repeats of repeats, you view programmes throughout the week and when you’ve got time to watch on weekends all you get is repeats again of what was on through the week days and having prices go up but you get less programmes. I love some of the shows hence my reluctance to quit Foxtel but I am really coming close to ending my long association with Foxtel. Also I believe that you should have the common decency to let customers know that you have quit Qvation for normal viewing not wait until I go to watch something only to find out that it is no longer on my programing.

  2. As far as I am aware Summer starts on Dec 1 and finishes on Feb 28.
    So if Dec has 31 days, Jan has 31 days and Feb has 28 days, to me that is a total of 90 days. So where did foxtel find the other 10

  3. and will just add some more from Foxtel not on that list for the Summer.
    General Hospital , Celebrity Paranormal Project , Dr Oz Show , The Nate Berkus Show , The Apprentice , Jimmy Fallon , Flipping Out , The Mary Tyler Moore Show , I Think We’re Alone Now – documentary.

  4. still no word on Walking Dead??…very disheartening esp considering it’s starting any time now on indonesion pay tv (I saw an ad for it last week when I was there)…Comforting to know we’re still the last in the world to get anything.

  5. Foxtel, always big on fanfare, seldom big on delivering the goods. And yet I continue to contribute to the funding of such self-congratulatory parties as this.

    Could I be under the influence of some kind of IQ mind control?

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