Hawkins ready to freelance

Jennifer Hawkins will happily freelance in television when her contract with Seven expires at the end of the month.

The former Great Outdoors host is said to be disillusioned with Seven after it halved her salary in 2008 and left her with little opportunities in recent times.

Her last ongoing hosting gig was Make me a Supermodel in 2008.

Seven executives were said to be in a state of turmoil as they tried to find a project that might keep her.

Meanwhile, a Nine network insider said there was no plan yet to offer Hawkins a contract, but that she would be involved in a number of projects.

Her manager, Sean Anderson, confirmed that in 2011 she was looking to work in TV on a freelance basis, subject to her schedule.

Source: news.com.au


  1. I’m sure if the does permenantly leave Seven they’ll waste no time in putting her to the sword on Today Tonight which I’ve finally worked out is the televised version of the UK newspaper News of the World and Seven’s attack dog to critise and destroy anyone who comes out against Seven or programing that isn’t on Seven.

  2. Will be great to get to see more of her. I’m a big fan of her in terms of modelling because she has a very Australian look like Elle Macpherson, Abbey or even Miranda, a playful, down to earth beach girl. She has more charisma than Sophie whatever, she should take over the Top Model reigns.

  3. Armchair Analyst

    This is sad for seven but they will get over it. On the other hand its excellent news for Jennifer she will get picked up by someone, probably FOX8 to host Australia’s Next Top Model. Since Sarah Murdoch blundered it up this year. I would have her join Network Ten. To fit James Packers view of what TEN should stand for ie 18 to 39 demographic

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