Hey Hey: Nov 13

Tonight, Short Stack perform for a special audience of 300 die-hard fans, many of whom had petitioned Hey Hey to feature them.

Tonight on Hey Hey it’s Saturday Short Stack perform We Dance to a Different Disco, Honey. They perform for a special audience of 300 die-hard fans, many of whom had petitioned Hey Hey to feature them.

12 year-old Straalen McCallum sings Smile from his debut album, A Little Faith. Accompanied by a full orchestra, McCallum is the youngest act ever signed to Sony Music.

German rockabilly outfit The Baseballs perform their quirky take on Rihanna’s Umbrella.

Daryl Somers crosses live to Italy to chat with Suze Raymond.

Plus Celebrity Head, Ad Nauseam, Red Faces, Plucka Duck and John West Canned Film Festival.

Airs 7:30pm Saturday in Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, 9:15pm in Brisbane and 10:15pm in Sydney.

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  1. Short Stack were amazing. JB only 300 could fit into the special screening. They had alot more petition them to be on Hey Hey. If you don’t like it don’t watch it!

    About time so true Australian funny television is finally back on Nine!

  2. Adelaide South Australian viewers did not receive Plucka Duck and missed out on the 1st act of Red Faces, due to no reception just a channel 9 logo, when back on air they replayed the adnauseum segment. We really enjoy watching hey hey its saturday. Hope you have solved the problem.
    Regards Graeme

  3. Yeah, I was wondering what happened to Mel B and Carrie Fisher as well. Mentioned they would be on, but it came to the night and they weren’t to be found?

    Looking forward to checking out tonights show anyway. Just a bummer about the fragmented time it is playing around Australia.

  4. Hey Hey It’s SoNotFunny. Every guest performer is so lame, sometimes I’d rather be watching the ARIAs. Where’s the Edge gone from this show – deep into the bowels of political correctness?? Pluck a duck, this goose is cooked.

  5. Not sure which week it was supposed to be, but it was definitely supposed to be either last week or this week. Wasn’t on last week, so you would think that it would be included in the list this week, but not there.

    It said in the press release that Celebrity Head is on this week. Maybe she is a guest in that.

  6. TV Tragic – You are absolutely correct. I remembered at the end of HHIS weeks ago when Daryl said Carrie Fisher would be a guest the following week. I thought to myself that would be ‘interesting’ because I couldn’t see her getting Daryl’s so called comedy. She has also been recently Twittering that she is over all the promo and touring. Very interesting …

    There was also another act that was advertised to appear but did not get on the show. I think that was Mel ex-Spice Girls who was out here for the Melb Cup.

    Its a shame us QLDers get a 9.15pm start … I nodded off during “Austin Powers” last night and may do the same tonight! LOL

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