Hey Hey: Nov 20

On the penultimate 2010 episode it's Amy Meredith, Justice Crew and The Wiggles.

On the penultimate 2010 episode of Hey Hey it’s Saturday:

– Aussie pop outfit Amy Meredith perform Faded White Dress from their album Restless.

– Justice Crew perform their debut single, And Then We Dance, especially adapted for Hey Hey.

The Wiggles will showcase a “potential new member of their team in a big surprise for Daryl.” Russell Gilbert will pay tribute to the troupe.

Academy Award winner Adam Elliott will announce the winner of The John West Canned Film Festival.

– Jo Stanley joins the Red Faces judging panel.

– Violinist Sally Cooper performs.

– Plus Ossie Ostrich, Phunny Photos and Suze Raymond.

It airs tomorrow night at 7.30pm on Nine.

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  1. For all you hey hey knockers !!! let me say that Daryl and his team are so entertaining my son is 9 my daughter 4 they cant waite for Saturday night they run around chanting hey hey its Saturday and laugh and smile at dickie ,plucker,and russel .Derylyour a star and you entertain my family weekly. Hey Hey Forever

  2. My small son stayed up to watch ” the wiggles ” only to hear daryl poor attempt at singing a plug for his ‘ change of day ” of his show. This show reeks of Old ! Its not fresh at all . All the same backdrops and all the lame cast makes this very boring and embarrassing show… and daryl , sorry mate.. your singing sucks !

  3. I love Hey Hey but geez they have some lame acts on. Sometimes they’ll have something interesting though like the german trio last week but overall I usually switch off when a musical act comes on.

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