How to be a good audience member

Tip #1: Don't get there early, it just means more waiting, and don't get there late, you may miss out.

Performer, producer and warm-up guy Michael Pope has launched a Facebook page with plenty of tips on where to get tickets for TV shows, including The Circle, Q & A, Good News Week, Hot Seat and more.

Pope has a long history of working on the floor of these shows, and he’s seen it all. He also has plenty of tips for audience members:

Arrival time: You’ll be told a time to get there, probably written on the ticket or letter from the Production House or Network. Get there as near as you can to that time. DON’T get there early; it just means more waiting, and DON’T get there late; you may miss out. The studios are of a size that it doesn’t really matter too much where you sit, so whilst first to arrive usually enters the studio first, they often ‘load’ the audience starting at the back of the rows.

Autographs: It varies from show to show as to whether you can get an autograph of the stars. If you’re keen, let them know, and bring a pen and something nice for them to sign; a book, or a photo of whoever. Asking for a signature on a scrappy bit of Fantales wrapper isn’t a good look.

You can check out more here.

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  1. Just went to Dancing with the Stars show on Monday night. Waited 4 hours in a line up outside on the sidewalk – freezing cold – no food, water or bathrooms – so be prepared. Dress warmly. No jeans. Wear comfortable shoes. We were finally sent through to a security check and told to wait another half hour outside. Got into the “ballroom” and surprised that it is a lot smaller than on TV. Waited again until someone told us where our seats were and couldn’t believe we were sitting behind a pole with a curtain hanging down!!! Worst seats in the house. All the good seats down at the floor level were for VIP’s, friends and family of the stars, producers, crew, etc. Very disappointing.

  2. @orrie so thats why they keep advertising for audience members then i guess, no one whose been wants to go back for more! (or they’ve heard from people who have been how bad it is) They have really been pushing the ads lately to the point i was thinking ‘gee they must be getting desperate’

    I went to the taping of ‘Jeopardy’ with Tony Barber, around 1993 i think, not that long after he’d left Sale, only lasted one season if that. It was at channel 10 studios in Nunawading & i recognized the exterior of the building because they used it for the outdoor scenes in ‘Prisoner’ which finished a decade before hand, place had not changed a bit in all that time lol

  3. Went to a Price is Right filming in the U.S. Pretty bad actually. Waited for almost 5 hours outside, got no refreshments of any kind, then quickly ushered into show, got bad seats near back even though I got there early, hardly any time with the audience, it was just clap and cheer and the show was quickly taped. Drew Carey may be nice, and he tried to be friendly with the audience, but there wasn’t a lot of pizazz to the show. The fact that the set is quite old and small and cramped probably didn’t help.

  4. I’ve seen The View be recorded live and also The Late Night show with Conan Obrien back in 1997 on a trip to the US; both only took as long as the show airs; they’re filmed ‘as live’ breaks for commericals and all despite being filmed at different times to what they are broadcast.

  5. Went to a taping of According To Jim in the US in 2008. Waited an hour to get in but got great seats up the front. Warm up guy was hilarious as was the show. Got free sangas and an autograph at the end!

  6. I went to The Glasshouse taping a couple of times at the ABC in Ultimo. We got given colour coded thingies when we arrived, so if you arrived earliest you got the first colour, which (when they were ready) got first dibs at entering the studio and choosing all the best seats. So it did pay to arrive early there.

    No food or drinkies, though.

  7. I remember Michael from years ago being on …. dunno what, but he really never seemed that funny. I’m, pretty sure that was on daytime tele, perhaps with KAK?

    meh, whatever…

    I went to a #TAYG recording recently and Mike was the warm up guy – what a legend! Very funny, and adapts quickly to the situation-current. An no-doubt it’s all old material, but Mike made the 3 hours bearable.

    Much respect to the guy.

    Now… where exactly did he come from again?

  8. The worst taping i have ever been to was millionaire, cramped uncomfortable seats for hours, hard to get out, choking on fake smoke filled studio, no drinks or food were offered, except maybe an inadequate mintie throw, a raffle happened at the end and someone won $50…

    remember though its free because you are there to do a job, perform on command, cheer, clap, smile etc and do so sometimes so many times you could almost walk out.

    The best taping i went to was “thank god your here” – snacks and alcohol provided before taping, water provided as needed, plenty of lolly throws, audience was treated as part of the “team” that makes the show, rather than just a prop you use and abuse 🙂

    One thing i cant stand though with warm up guys is when they treat you like a 5 year old ..you know “are we all happy” yesssss… ” i didnt hear you” yesssssssss
    although its amazing how some people in the community respond to this, so i guess it works LOL

  9. Some of this advice isn’t quite true (i.e. turning up on time as opposed to early): I’ve been to Australian Idol/Rove/Biggest Loser finales/Millionaire etc etc. On one occasion at Idol the first 10 people in the queue who had been waiting the longest were approached by audience co-ords/security and asked who wanted to go in to the studio the most.
    The loudest screamers out of those 10 got shuffled to front row seats directly in front of the performers….the hundreds of others in the queue were escorted to the crappy viewing positions on the ugly scaffolding they had up the back. And all had to stand….for the entire 2 hours.
    My ultimate tip is: dress up (that includes make-up ladies). The hottest groups in the audience were often picked out of the queue entering to sit in the better seats closer to the action.

  10. yeah…..
    when i got tickets to Rove, i went there on time (even though we waited 2 hours still) and did everything fine and got fine seats.
    I didnt realise there was some kind of etiquitte to TV tickets :S

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