John & Neisha win The Block -but Brenton & Chez struggle

If The Block auction promised drama, it got it in the form of winners and losers last night.

High school sweethearts John and Neisha sold their Vaucluse apartment for $1,105,000, a cool $205,000 above their reserve of $900,000.

As the first apartment to go to auction on Tuesday night, it saw them become the runaway winners of the show. In doing so they pocketed the series prize of an additional $100,000.

But the win was in contrast to the auction of an apartment renovated by Brenton and Chez. After several bids it failed by $15,000 to meet its reserve of $880,000 and was passed in at $865,000.

The couple were gobsmacked when auctioneer (and Apprentice winner) Andrew Morello passed the property in. A stunned Brenton left the room to be consoled by his cast mates while a crushed Chez sat dumbstruck beside a speechless host, Scott Cam.

The apartment renovated by the “Two Fat Tradies,” aka Mark and Duncan sold for $907,0000, $47,00 above the reserve price of $860,000. Erin and Jake sold their property for $997,500, $87,500 above the reserve of $910,000. They also won a car.

The $305,000 prize for John and Neisha is one of the year’s biggest TV cash prizes, three times the money awarded by the record-breaking MasterChef.

The series has already been renewed for 2011 and is currently taking casting applications. Be prepared to walk away empty-handed.


  1. Well well…. it just shows how fickle people are….. someone wanted a flat in the block no matter what, and another was prepared to pay 1.1M ….. so the tiny courtyard is worth is estimated at $200-$300K….. good one !

  2. Scott would have been genuinely shocked in that moment. He is a man who is never short of a few words and has done ‘as live’ reveals more times than we have had sunday bbq’s. Remember peeps this wasn’t ‘live’ the producers left that shocked look in for effect and it bloody worked.

  3. (1st Mistake) Well I think they should have chose a better auctioneer than that idiot from The Apprentice,know one liked him in that auction room you could just tell.
    That was one big mistake

    (2nd) Mistake was to have Scott Cam as host,he was awful.
    He just sat there looking like a rabbitt in headlights as Brenton & Chez made no sale/profit.
    He made no attempt to console them

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