1. @Dan – LOL, no, I’m no relation but I wish I was. I believe in giving praise where it’s due. I would love to have a kid who can cook like that! Wow!!
    @dansdans, yeah someone four times his age is probably more realistic when it comes to doing molecular gastronomy dishes like H. Blumenthal’s.

  2. Tasmanian de√il

    “The contest is now a battle between two twelve year olds”

    I’ve said this before, Jack is 13. Twice his age is 26. Doesn’t anyone read the captions?

  3. Junior Masterchef has been brilliant. The kids are incredible. My 10 year old sister is the worst kid in the world (swears, hissy fits etc) so it’s great to see young kids that are actually decent.

    And loved Matt Preston’s comment when asked whether it was right to put these kids in a competition. He said ask that to every young kid playing Aussie Rules around the country and tell em if that’s right to make them compete. Very good point. They chose to enter Masterchef, they’re doing what they love, good on them.

  4. @Allie – twice Jack’s age would be 24. I cant imagine a 24 year chef being able to boil water – perhaps another analogy would be better (a chef 4 times his age perhaps?)

  5. I bet there were hundreds of thousands of parents watching last nights JMC with their kids and looking at them out corner of eye thinking “why can’t you be as honest, caring and humble as those children”. i won’t bag on the finalists as they are children. I found last nights episode heart warming without being saccharine or phoney. What Sofia said about her highlight of the show was “my beautiful sister getting into the final” brought a tear to my eye. Reckon their might even be a kid or two reassessing how they treat their siblings…even maybe just for an hour!

  6. @HughJars, you must be joking. He almost bested a complex Heston Blumenthal dish last night, something a qualified chef twice his age would struggle with. He is an astounding cook. Jack cooks rings around Julie Goodwin – she could only ever hope to have one-tenth of his talent. He is the breakout talent of this series and I sincerely hope he wins tonight. I am not overly crazy about Isabella, there is something about her I just can’t warm to.

  7. Havent really got hooked with this series, other than to be impressed with the quality of the actual cooking. One thing I am disapointed by is it looks as if the least capable participant will win. From what I have seen, Jack’s offereings have been marginal and he was the one that had a meltdown and needed an additional 10 mins to plate up. Reminds of Julie in the first series – least capable wins.

  8. Just a quick comment re X Factor: I’m not a hater or talent show basher ordinarily, but I caught the performance of the young blonde guy (first performance, I think) and it was just woeful. Under pitched through the entire song, terrible mic technique, zero charisma and forced chory, yet Kyle Sandilands championed the effort! (I’m guessing because he’s in his stable of performers). Honestly, he wouldn’t make it through an A&R man’s door, let alone sign a recording deal.

  9. I’m so glad the twins aren’t both in the finale: I wouldn’t have watched it if they were. I hope Jack wins, but I suspect Isabella will…. however, if it’s a tie it’ll be a cop-out.

  10. I hadn’t seen more than a couple of minutes of adult Masterchef but can’t tear myself away from the Junior version. I don’t have children and can barely tolerate being around the nieces and nephews at Christmas. The cheflings, however, give me hope that there are some well brought up children around and has made me think again about remaining childless. The talent is one thing, but the respect and and good grace they show towards each other and the adults is awe inspiring.

  11. I hope Jack wins, and Isabella burns her snail and water chestnut twice-cooked souffle.

    It’s been an entertaining series, not as exciting or “must see” as the adult version though.

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