Micallef’s joke on the ratings

Cute gag from Shaun Micallef this week in Talkin' 'Bout Your Generation....

Cute gag from Shaun Micallef this week in Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation….

He introduces the teams with the words:

“All three Generations are represented here tonight… six human beings who represent millions of people.

“Very much like how the TV ratings system works.”

It airs 7:30pm Tuesday on TEN.

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  1. You do have to wonder at ratings figures.

    On most nights at Prime Time if you total up figures you get around 4 million watching, add in Regional, Pay, Time Shifters you get to about 7 million, so that means on any night 15 million aren’t watching TV (so by that roughly 2 thirds of Aust apparently don’t watch TV).

  2. Will – it moved to Tuesdays several weeks back (I think we had two episodes the week it changed – one on Sunday and one on Tuesday – but I’m not completely sure).

    David, I don’t like the way you have polls and post pictures of stars and have a separate section for ratings, news etc. and don’t publish enough music stories and talk about TV all the time. Sorry…what was that? This is your site and I don’t have to visit it if I don’t want to? Oh….I thought from jimbob’s post that you were answerable to us, since we’re your audience…! 😉 You do a great job, David – that’s why you have tens of thousands of visitors to your site!! Keep up the brilliant work!!

    1. Thanks Carta…. it is kinda weird when people say “why is this a story?” about things. TV can be too serious, I like to throw in a few fun things here and there. It’s especially important for a blog where people are stuck at the office and look for the odd distraction. I happily file on the big stories of Packer chomping into TEN to a quiz question in Hot Seat. Whatever floats my boat at the time. It’s not an either / or. It’s TV in all its glory as a big, heaving mass media for better and worse.

  3. Hmmm. I’ve been tuning in every Sunday night for weeks to attempt to watch this show and it’s never been on. Now I see an article about the show “this week”!!!! Did it move to a different night/time slot???

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