Micallef’s joke on the ratings

Cute gag from Shaun Micallef this week in Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation….

He introduces the teams with the words:

“All three Generations are represented here tonight… six human beings who represent millions of people.

“Very much like how the TV ratings system works.”

It airs 7:30pm Tuesday on TEN.


  1. David, I missed that episode but love Micallef’s sense of humour. Thank you for posting this light-hearted story…and yes @Jimbob, it is a story worth posting!

  2. You do have to wonder at ratings figures.

    On most nights at Prime Time if you total up figures you get around 4 million watching, add in Regional, Pay, Time Shifters you get to about 7 million, so that means on any night 15 million aren’t watching TV (so by that roughly 2 thirds of Aust apparently don’t watch TV).

  3. Tasmanian de√il

    @ Will – Perhaps you should look at a tv guide? The way networks do their programming these days, you can never be certain that a show will stay where it is.

  4. Will – it moved to Tuesdays several weeks back (I think we had two episodes the week it changed – one on Sunday and one on Tuesday – but I’m not completely sure).

    David, I don’t like the way you have polls and post pictures of stars and have a separate section for ratings, news etc. and don’t publish enough music stories and talk about TV all the time. Sorry…what was that? This is your site and I don’t have to visit it if I don’t want to? Oh….I thought from jimbob’s post that you were answerable to us, since we’re your audience…! 😉 You do a great job, David – that’s why you have tens of thousands of visitors to your site!! Keep up the brilliant work!!

    • Thanks Carta…. it is kinda weird when people say “why is this a story?” about things. TV can be too serious, I like to throw in a few fun things here and there. It’s especially important for a blog where people are stuck at the office and look for the odd distraction. I happily file on the big stories of Packer chomping into TEN to a quiz question in Hot Seat. Whatever floats my boat at the time. It’s not an either / or. It’s TV in all its glory as a big, heaving mass media for better and worse.

  5. Hmmm. I’ve been tuning in every Sunday night for weeks to attempt to watch this show and it’s never been on. Now I see an article about the show “this week”!!!! Did it move to a different night/time slot???

  6. Hah.. that is great! That has always been a sticking point for me with ratings, and to see it actually acknowledged on TV and by Shaun like that is awesome.

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