New dramedy for Nine

Zapruder’s Other Films look like being busy in 2011 with reports of a new dramedy series, Poppy, to be made for Nine.

The Herald Sun reports it follows a closely knit group of family and friends as they cope with some good and some bad luck that occurs on the same day.

The show was conceived by Stephen Curry and writer Jamie Browne, who worked together on The King. Curry also worked on :30 Seconds for Zapruder’s.

Actor pals Angus Sampson and Adam Zwar are also tipped to be involved in the series.

Zapruders is also behind a new project featuring Ian ‘Dicko’ Dickson for TEN, plus more Gruen Transfer.

Meanwhile Screentime is developing young lawyer series Crownies for the ABC.

Source: Herald Sun, The Age.


  1. @Nudge, but Crownies is being created by Screentime, so I’m thinking good things. And all involved in the Poppy project, Stephen Curryt, Adam Zwar and Angus Sampson, are really creative and very funny guys. I’m optimistic.

  2. Angus Sampson and Adam Zwar are two of my favourites in Australian comedy. If they’re working on this show it should be interesting! I’d like to see some girl power in their too though – like Rebel Wilson or Cal Wilson.

  3. Are we so devoid of sitcoms in this country that we have to resort to dumbing down our dramas and make them into half hearted comedies? Come on let’s see a return to real dramas, give me dramatic dramas any day.

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