Rafters funeral tops 2m viewers

More than 2 million Australians tuned in last night to bid farewell to Melissa Rafter, twice the audience of the very long National IQ Test.

More than 2 million Australians tuned in last night to bid farewell to Melissa Rafter (Zoe Ventoura).

The show pulled an audience of 2.09m viewers as the Rafter family said their last goodbyes to their daughter-in-law.

It was an emotional episode as Ben (Hugh Sheridan) dealt with the shock of his wife’s sudden death, refusing to face some of the tough questions that had to be made for the funeral. The episode had plenty of scenes with actors given their moment to shine, culminating in a sad funeral that doubtless left many viewers reaching for the Kleenex.

No surprises then that Packed to the Rafters was the top rating show of the night. It doubled the very lengthy National IQ Test on Nine, which averaged 1.03m viewers across its 2.5 hours. A tighter 90 minute Test would have been more welcome.

The IQ Test also came second to Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation‘s 1.23m which won the hour. Seven’s Iron Chef Australia simmered at a lukewarm 925,000.

Elsewhere last night NCIS pulled 1.1m viewers, Parenthood was 855,000, and a repeat of NCIS: LA was 713,000. Survivor, which didn’t begin until 10pm, is now down to 512,000.

For the ABC Qi was 662,000, Foreign Correspondent was 656,000, An African Journey with Jonathan Dimbley was 506,000 and A Quiet Word with… Carrie Fisher took 410,000.

Best for SBS for the night was Why Do Viruses Kill? on 239,000.

Seven easily won the evening.

Just one more episode of Rafters remains this year, as Ben realises it was his text message that Mel was reading when she was struck by another car.

Week 46

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  1. Agreed @Allie – Houvdaras completely out of his league. His character is the low point of the whole show and really should have being in the plassenger seat of that car crash that killed Mel ;). Actress who played Shell was pretty average last night, she was so great in Love My Way though. Also WTF was John Howards character at the funeral. never even met Mel! Pointless!

  2. @MillerT1, i’m complaining because the original time given was for Survivor to start at 9.30. And it didn’t. I hate people using the EPG excuse. So they updated it. But its still lying and misleading. It would be like a shop advertising something for $30 so you go in the store to buy it and they have a sign saying $50 and tell you oh we put the new price up 2 hours ago so it’s $50 now. Who would accept that?

    Agree Aneets. Carbo last night was terrible as too is the Retta character. she’s terrible. Sadly Carbo is just a comedy filler, but he’s really cringeworthy most of the time.

  3. Quite a good episode last night, but I was left a little disappointed by it. Acting by everyone was good, apart from George Houvardis, who, as usual, acted as though he was auditioning for Neighbours. I agree that he is well out of his league in this particular ensemble cast. Also, the woman who plays Chel is terrible, she is phoning it in. I thought the funeral scene was marred by the intrusive montage that took place whilst the eulogy was being read.

  4. Completely agree about Angus Mclaren. He is by mfar the most underatted actor on Australian television. He’s streets ahead of Hugh Sheridan who I thought did an okay job last night but I just don’t rate him as a good actor. I cant see him having much success ac an actor when rafter finishes, possibly in presenting or something though.
    Ryan Corr is also very good in a difficult role as he much be a bogan without being to unlikeable. He does a nice job of this.

  5. if only all the characters were shot by JR…or their neighbourhood blew up like in melrose place…. ha ha still coming to terms with the king of soap comment someone on here made last week…otherwise didnt watch it bu 2m people cant be wrong…

  6. Angus is doing an outstanding job with his role- he is an amazing actor. Agree with the others about the greatnesss of the actor who plays Coby- he breaks my heart when he is on screen.

    Thought Carbo’s acting (George H) was awful last night. Was very Neighbours and you could really tell he wasn’t on the same level as the rest of the cast. His scenes were cringeworthy!

  7. I agree that Angus McLaren is definitely the best on the show right now. I also agree that Ryan Corr is quite good.

    Hugh Sheridan has been Very annoying lately (before Melissa died), and Rachel has lost her spark. Carbo is also very annoying.

    This episode was very average, and I don’t think the writers did a very good job. It was very cliched.

    The relationship between Nathan and Coby is the best thing on the show for me. I also am intrigued by how Coby will escape from Tom’s grip. I hope they kill off Tom lol

  8. Rutzie, I agree. Angus McLaren has improved dramatically, he is the best of the young Rafters. I also think Ryan Corr (Coby) does a great job at playing the role

    Well done to the writers this season too

  9. JB, the EPG was updated during the day yesterday to have the IQ Test finish at 10:00 and according to my recording, the National IQ Test finished at around 9:55, so what are you complaining about?

  10. @chk chk, if you watched the episode you’d realise that was the shot of Ben after they played the montague of all the happy times Ben and Mel had together. Angus McLaren should be nominated for best actor at the Logies next year. It’s been a breakout season for him with the marriage breakup, the kidney donation storyline and the Coby storyline. He is an awesome talent.

  11. I was watching Sunrise this morning and I heard the most distributing thing I have ever heard “people were so into the show some people dressed up as if they were going to a funeral”. As I pray to god this was Sunrise making sh*t up again, if not those people need to check them self into the closest mental home!

  12. I thought Rafters was an intelligent and touching treatment of loss and grief. Hugh was most effective, as was the ever elegant Rebecca Gibney. It is amazing what a powerful storyline and some older, seasoned actors can do for the younger cast members. Beautifully directed too.

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