Renewed: The Simpsons

The Simpsons has officially been renewed for a 23rd season, now set to run beyond 500 episodes.

The Simpsons has officially been renewed for a 23rd season.

FOX previously renewed the series in 2009, which gave the network and producer Gracie Films the option for a 23rd season. Both have agreed to more, which will take the comedy through at least spring 2012 (US).

Set to run beyond 500 episodes, it will only trail two other scripted series that have produced more episodes in primetime: Lassie (588) and Gunsmoke (635).

“Like many 22-year-olds, The Simpsons is extremely happy remaining at home, on FOX, and hopes it doesn’t have to go out into the real world for many years to come,” said executive producer Al Jean.

Meanwhile ABC has today picked up a few more episodes of Nathan Fillion’s detective drama Castle, bringing the show’s third season total to 24 episodes.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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  1. The Simpsons badly lost direction during the animation revolution of Family Guy/American Dad/Drawn Together… in complete contrast to South Park which has really evolved and maintained its core principles of hilariously offending everyone!

  2. Well this suck-diddly-ucks and that’s from a long time fan. I must admit most of the laughs are not LOL anymore. Maybe it’s time Homer dipped into his returement fund and headed for the retirement castle with Abe. I mean you might need to title the 23rd season opener You only live once.

  3. Interesting to note the presence of nay-nay-sayers here – those who question those that question the quality of The Simpsons.

    Or perhaps they’re just called fanboys/girls.

  4. I’m a huge Simpsons fan, that being said it’s time to wind it up! It’s almost sad watching the new episodes thinking of how funny this show was. Groening must have a “George Lucas complex” (just keep the cheques rolling in).

  5. All i can say is Woo hoo! Thanks David for this post. I am exhilarated by this news – it has made my day. I have loved every season of this iconic show. Sure some eps are better than others – but it is a stupendous achievement to create and perpetuate this amazing construct. It has been on nearly half my life, and it continues to bring joy, i don”t care what season an ep is from, There is always something to admire.

  6. Best news ever!!! It’s still doing ok in america with 8.5m last week, I just wish ten wouldn’t put new eps on 11, when simpsons new eps were on tuesdays they pulled big numbers and usually 1m plus so playing new eps on 11 would be a waste!

  7. Well i haven’t watched the new ones but even if they are ok they are still light years from the mid 90s episodes.

    Better news for me is the extra Castle episodes.

  8. @ryaneco – yep I agree with your sentiments. I almost (almost) stopped watching during the mid teens seasons, but since putting puberty behind it the show has really regained form.

  9. Great News. And Yes, ryaneco I agree with you. The last few seasons have been tremendous..it has found form again. The naysayers just haven’t watched them to know. Some people are negative without having even watched.

  10. I totally, Totally disagree with everyone who thinks these latest seasons suck; they’re back on form there are even some future classics in some of these episodes; yes the Simpsons derailed for a few seasons in the middle I seem to recall season 12 or 13/14 was the start of the downhill runand it lasted till around Season 19 where is started to show some creative resurgance. I loved Season 20, Loved Season 21 and so far season 22 has been great fun!

  11. Woohoo!!

    As much as I hate the new episodes, I just cling on to the hope that they’ll release a solid season. Perhaps next season is the one….

    The voice artists are only contracted until season 23 anyway, so it will be more interesting to see if it continues past next year.

  12. As the show has massively sucked since season 10, I no longer watch it. It should’ve finished then, but since everyone involved only now does it for the money, that says everything.

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