Renewed: The Walking Dead

US zombie series The Walking Dead has won a second season following strong ratings for cable channel AMC.

So far only two episodes have aired, attracting 5.3 million and 4.7 million respectively.

AMC claims the series has broken TV records by reaching more 18- to 49-year-olds than any other show in the history of cable television (there is some media comment that The Sopranos and Sex and the City were higher).

That is is resonating strongly isn’t in doubt. As well as audience eyeballs it also has critical buzz (Duh, it has Frank Darabont as writer and director).

The Walking Dead debuted during the same week in 120 countries.

So far no Australian network -or Pay TV channel- has revealed acquiring the series although Foxtel is still hopeful.

Source: Washington Post


  1. Yeah this show needs to come to Australia. Its friggin zombies on tv for christs sakes! Winning formula. Instead tv here is infatuated with cooking, reality tv and crime shows. Seriously, who gives a rats **** about those shows, its crap. The Walking Dead is quality and funnily enough, not for the brain dead. First season DVD is already out, Im sure ebay got tons of it or JB might import it. Sorry Oz media but we cant wait to get your act together, get with the times or miss out.

  2. What bugs me is not the fact that a pay- or free-to-air network has not picked it up (I gave up on the rubbish that passes for good TV in Australia years ago), but the impact this has on legitimate access.

    The show is available for purchase on the US Itunes store currently (and several others I understand), but not on the Australian store. I want to do the right thing and buy a legitimate season pass to watch the show Now, as the rest of the world is able to do. But instead we are stuck with the whim of some Australian media “expert” (who probably wouldn’t know good programming if it bit him or her on the a*&e) deciding when and where to show it and everyone is left to pursue illegal means to watch the show.

    It’s about time Australian TV saw the need for new ideas.After all how many reality TV shows, dancing the celebrity chef X-factor talent show pieces of effluent do we really need on air really?

  3. After watching the Pilot I realised why this show has met with high approval it starts with a strong if not slow character building feel that tends to humanize the affected souls and reminds me a little of the ill fated Jericho complete with Lennie James who IMDB does not even credit in any part?

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