Returning: Entourage

Entourage returns for its seventh season on Arena in December.

This season Vince has developed a new lease on life that makes him even more difficult to manage and the rest of the guys are facing the challenge of mapping out their own futures.

Returning guest stars include Gary Cole, Beverly D’Angelo, Debi Mazar. Other guests this season (some portraying themselves) include Nick Cassavetes, Jonathan Keltz, Stan Lee, Maria Menounos, Bob Saget, Jessica Simpson, Aaron Sorkin, John Stamos, Eminem and Mike Tyson.

Entourage is ending after its 8th season but there is some talk of a potential movie.

From executive producer and creator Doug Ellin, Entourage stars Adrian Grenier as Vince, who is enjoying life in the limelight as a hot young actor; Kevin Connolly as Eric, Vince’s manager; Kevin Dillon as Vince’s half-brother Drama, whose own career has been eclipsed by Vince’s success; Jerry Ferrara as his pal Turtle; and Golden Globe and three-time Emmy winner Jeremy Piven as Ari, Vince’s agent.

In episode one, the director of Vince’s latest action film talks his star into doing his own dangerous driving stunt, against Eric and Ari’s advice. The stunt leaves Vince feeling empowered and invincible wanting to seek out new thrills in life, including sky-diving, purchasing a Harley-Davidson, drugs and hooking up with a well-known porn star.

Turtle’s attraction to Alex (Dania Ramirez), an underperforming employee, threatens to damage his fledgling car-service business until she introduces him to some potential new business associates in Mexico.

Ari looks to add to his resume as “the biggest agent in the world” by forging an alliance with the NFL but his infamous foul mouthed ways could finally be his downfall.

Worried that his network holding deal is about to expire, Drama pressures Lloyd, now his agent, to land him a project. Billy Walsh (Rhys Coiro), now completely reformed after starting a family and becoming an ordained priest, returns with a different project in mind for Drama.

Also featuring are series regulars Perrey Reeves as the long-suffering Mrs. Ari Gold; Rex Lee as Ari’s former assistant Lloyd, who is now a full agent; Emmanuelle Chriqui as Sloan, Eric’s on-again, off-again girlfriend and now fiancé; and Scott Caan as Scott Lavin, Eric’s co-worker and Vince’s new partner in crime.

It returns Wednesday December 8th at 9.30pm.


  1. Jerry Ferrara has emerged really well the last couple of seasons, hope he is well utilised in series 7. Vince is the least interesting character for me. But he is chilled and is the ‘straight’ guy for everybody elses antics. Love Ari.

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