Rugby League Four Nations on Nine (but not GEM)

Rugby League Four Nations Final is live in Sydney and Brissy on Saturday, meaning Hey Hey will be later in 2 cities.

Nine will play the 2010 Rugby League Four Nations Final live tomorrow night in Sydney and Brisbane.

Hey Hey it’s Saturday will air at 10:15pm in Sydney, 9:15pm in Brissy. It remains at 7:30pm in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

There are no simulcasts on digital channels.

The rugby was originally due to air on GEM, but was dumped for two movies. Neither is Hey Hey available to Sydney and Brissy viewers on  either GO! or GEM.

Rugby League Four Nations will air at midnight in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

The simmering rivalry between Australia and New Zealand boils over when Channel Nine broadcasts the 2010 Rugby League Four Nations Final live on Saturday at 7.30pm.

After disposing of England and Papua New Guinea, Australia and New Zealand return to the scene of New Zealand’s greatest victory – the 2008 Rugby League World Cup – when they meet in the Four Nations Final at Brisbane’s Suncorp Stadium.

The Kangaroos are on track to win the tournament for the second consecutive year after defeating New Zealand 34-20 last weekend.

Will the return of Kangaroos skipper Darren Lockyer be enough to continue Australia’s domination of the Four Nations series, or can the classy skills of New Zealand captain Benji Marshall give the reigning world champions the Four Nations trophy they hunger for?

The voice of rugby league, Ray Warren, will lead Nine’s expert commentary team along with Peter Sterling, Phil Gould, Wally Lewis, Andrew Johns and Andrew Voss.

Nine will also broadcast the pre-match entertainment, featuring ARIA nominee Amy Meredith showcasing their new single Faded White Dress in a world exclusive television performance and Deadly Award winner Busby Marou doing their special rendition of a Crowded House favourite before the match gets underway.

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  1. You think it is tough in Melbourne, how respect do you think Nine gives us here in the West with League. And Barry , don’t be such a prat. Its not about what you call it, it’s about Respect.

  2. what a bloody joke channel 9 are,i cannot wait for the station to be stripped of rugby league games in melbourne .it seems like the idiots that run the programming all live in syd or bris. at least they can see games live,we get the replays as usual,no wonder the numbers are down in melb ,we get treated like we do not count when it comes to rugby games .what a joke 9 is.

  3. Tri Nations Rugby – Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. As in the Wallabies, the All-Blacks and the Springboks. This also includes Rugby’s Bledisloe Cup played between Australia and New Zealand. They play Rugby Union! There is a perfectly good reason why it is called the IRB (International Rugby Board) Rugby World Cup, that’s because Rugby Union is the only game called Rugby.

    Four Nations Rugby League – Australia, New Zealand, England and New Guinea. As in the Kangaroos, Kiwis, Lions and Kumuls. There is a perfectly good reason why this game is never called Rugby, because it’s not Rugby Union….. it’s Rugby League or just League for short.

    Only really ignorant people or Victorians call League – Rugby!

  4. @rynao. And what things do you like? Opera in the park? boring….
    perhaps going to wines tastings at your local winery on the weekends?
    Just because you put on a suit or a fancy dress to drink your plonk, doesn’t make you any better than a park bench derelict. Put the crown jewels on a swine and it’s still a pig.

  5. OMG!! who cares about John McEnroe????

    Foxtel have been showing that live tennis match with McEnroe which is now 1 hour over time instead of the League final.

    It is now 11:30pm and it has finished. Finally the League is on!!!

    This is all your fault channel 9 – you do indeed suck big ones!!!

  6. In a follow up to my last response…

    All sufferance to you channel 9 Melbourne. I have found out Foxtel are showing the game at 10:30pm.

    I will not be watching your stupid ads at midnight – I will be watching Ad Free 🙂

    Foxtel rocks!

  7. So much for being the sporting capital of Australia Melbourne!!! I can’t believe we don’t get to watch the final of the League!!! Channel Nine – you suck! We didn’t mind the delayed telecast, but midnight!?!?!?!?!!?!? That is rotten of you 🙁 Score was just spoiled by friends on FB …

  8. For [email protected]%&s sake channel 9 Melbounre!!!
    Why can’t we get the League Live here?????
    In the printed TV guide it is listed for 9:30pm so I wait patiently (I’ve been waiting since last week) to be presented at 9:30pm with who knows what crappy show.
    So I come here to find out you A-holes aren’t showing it until midight.
    What’s up with that???
    It’s not like you have the AFL complaing you can’t show League at the same time as AFL
    Even the game last week you showed at 9:30pm
    This is the final you morons!!!
    I am Melbournian – I love watching sport and I love watching League

  9. Channel nine time to pick your game up with the rugby league, It never gets good ratings in melbourne cos it’s never on it always has to make way for some shity show like hey hey, maybe if they made it a live broadcast every time, alot more people would watch it cos they to just like the qld and nsw people would be watching live and have no idea who won until the match finished, if I know who one a game whats the point of watching it 4 hours after the event it takes away all of the excitement, and for all you nsw and qld bogans give us a break down here in melbourne, we love Rugby League just as much as you guys do but we never get to watch it live, I have grown up on League and AFL can be turned off as far as i’m concearned cos I hate it !! Channel Nine time to hand over the rights to fox sports and make it fair on everyone.

  10. @ Peter. Thanks for pointing out the ignorance of Victorians. All they think about is their own little game and to hell with anyone north of the Murray or anywhere else on the planet.
    @Paull. Wrong, wrong, wrong. “Rugby Football” or just “Rugby” for short, is the original set of rules for the game invented in the 1850s at Rugby School, Warwickshire England. When the students graduated from the school and continued playing, the “Rugby Union” of players was formed. For 50 years there was just this one game “Rugby”. When a professional association of players was formed and Northern English Rugby Clubs changed to the new game, the “Rugby League” of players was formed. Yes, “League” is a Rugby code, but the exclusive name “Rugby” refers to the original game – “Rugby Union”. The two codes have been at war for over a hundred years. Referring to “League” as “Rugby” because it is a Rugby code isn’t any different to referring to a “Catholic” as a “Protestant” because they are both “Christian”. Good luck with that!

  11. Just 2 points on this one. 1. GEM should be able to show rugby league internationals especially if Australia is taking on New Zealand, because every Australian deserves the right to see Australia thrash NZ in something and the 9 network did advertise sport in HD on GEM. 2. If the 9 network doesn’t think it will rate in SA, WA & VIC and anywhere else for that matter, then the ARL need to allow FOX Sports the right to relay live coverage into SA, WA & VIC similar to what happens with Friday Night Football in AFL. Then there is always a choice to hand the rights over to ONE HD & FOX Sports.

  12. I’m sick of the argument ‘it doesn’t rate so why should they show it’ (Adl/Perth etc). Fine dont show it, but dont demand exclusive rights to buy it either. Its like a bank having govt legislation that says that people can only get home loans from it and then the bank deciding it doesnt want to lend to people in certain areas; and refusing to let anyone else lend to them either. Would we put up with that? Does anyone from Conroys office pay any attention to this stuff???

  13. @Barry – I don’t know where all these “ignorant southerners” are that you are having a go at. Of the 21 comments below your sarcastic little spray, only two refer to it as “rugby” without also adding “league”.

    You might want to have a quick second look before putting finger to key next time.

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