SPEED is on the air

Several new channels joined the Foxtel platform from today.

The newest addition is SPEED, a dedicated motorsports channel managed by Premier Media Group.

It offers racing coverage 24 hours a day such as NASCAR, British and International Speedway, Super X, the GT1 World Championship, Rolex Sports Cars. There will also be prime time racing from the V8 Supercars, Dakar Rally, Formula 2 and World Series Sprintcars.

MTV is also now available to all subscribers via the basic package.

The new HD Channels from today include
SPEED (channel 505)
SPEED HD (channel 206)
MTV Hits (channel 808)
MTVN Live (channel 812)
MTVN Live HD (channel 252)
BBC Knowledge HD (channel 242)
Nat Geo Wild HD (channel 238)
FOXTEL 3D (channel 201).

FOXTEL also adds the following +2 channels:
National Geographic Channel +2 (channel 622)
Nat Geo ADVENTURE +2 (channel 629)
13th STREET +2 (channel 163)
TLC +2 (channel 647) the new-look Discovery Travel & Living channel.

The following will be moving to new channel numbers to accommodate the new channels:
ESPN HD (channel 211)
UKTV HD (channel 214)
MAIN EVENT (channel 510)
Discovery +2 (channel 620).


  1. Folks for all those very unhappy with Austars treatment regarding SPEED Join us facebook.com/topic.php?topic=267&post=1447&uid=132480480109004#!/AUSTAR?v=app_2373072738 and help put the pressure on the mongrals

  2. Alistair Tassie

    Come on Austar, surely you have figured out how to screw us some more, we had to purchase numerous channel packages before to get a range of motorsport, now it’s on one channel you don’t know what to do. I’ll pay the money, just give us what we want. We have Turbomax, showing Top Gear episodes I saw on free to air years ago. Lift your game or lose another customer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. n januarynumerous emails and calls disgusted with austar not accessing ‘ speed channel’…my last call i put in formal complaint the woman had to go away for a while on phone to lodge to manager of austar.
    I since had to buy the one time payment for direct tv online to watch the end of the nascar series..
    I am still waiting after my lodgement ultimatum of I will pay for austar until january 2011 and then they can come get the equipment from my house if there is no resolution or proper answer to my 3rd email.
    1st two emails they wrote they were sorry and were trying to resolve with foxtel as soon as possible, a 2nd email a month later same thing. Its now end of 2nd month and Ive had to come to this resolution myself and will be obtaining internet channels, or alternative satellite server that is in the network from america.
    In meantime direct tv doesnt seem adequate for all channels as it is a medium for another free stream called “Justin tv’…is simply streams from people who are willing to give their time an effort to stream nascar live for us and if push comes to shove, unfortunately austar will lose. These free tv online programmes are taking off and broadband will be the demise of austar if they dont connect speed channel late feburary 2011 for first race at daytona…
    I started watching austar for nascar some 15 plus years ago watching the growth of one of the best road racing events during the highlight of Dale Earnhardt seniors career before his death at daytona an watching his sons dale Jnr career continue the legacy.
    Now that we have an australian driver in the “sprint cup” in Nascars number 1 league we as australians have an even more personal attachment to this sport.

  4. I’am a motor raceing fan, three years or so ago austar televised world of out laws {sprintcars} then they stopped that, as i watched that i started getting hooked on nascar. Now speeds channel has come along austar has canned that as well
    As off and including tonights race there is Three racess left in the nascar season with jimmie johnson leading going for his 5th hep say it again his 5th strait championship when his 4th is already made history espn.and nascar. web pages gives you a run down of what going on but thats not the same as the pre race interviews. i see only one way to show austar witch by the way is owned by foxtel is to cancel both of my austar box’s and start again when the nascar season start in feb/2011 and thats only if speed or motor raceing is availabe. “Hit them in the back pocket wher it hurts” regard ripped off steve

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