Talking Heads wraps six years of chat

Monday night’s episode of ABC’s Talking Heads was the last-ever episode.

The fireside chat show hosted by Peter Thompson ends a six-year run, with 3 years based in Brisbane and 3 in Adelaide.

The last guest was environmental activist David Suzuki.

Jennifer Collins, Head of ABC TV Factual recently said “After six series totalling 238 half hour episodes of Talking Heads, we will not be commissioning another series, as ABC TV is looking to refresh the ABC1 schedule in 2011. Peter Thompson has done a remarkable job providing audiences with rich and insightful interviews each and every week.”

Peter Thompson said “It’s been a great privilege meeting hundreds of notable Australians and bringing their stories to ABC viewers. And, my thanks to the super teams of production colleagues in Adelaide and Brisbane who made this happen over the past six years.”

The show first began as part of an initiative of regional funding.

ABC TV will instead work with the South Australian Film Corporation to produce a number of factual entertainment programs for prime time ABC1 with production companies in Adelaide.

Thompson will focus on his other role as a Professor and Fellow of the Australian and New Zealand School of Government where he teaches on communication, leadership and social change issues.


  1. It is very disappointing that we are losing this terrific Australian show. It was a something to look forward to every week, with Peter Thompson’s amazing ability to conduct a relaxing style interview.

    With so much trash on TV, we looked to the ABC to provide quality – but I hope they are not on the downward slide too!

    I feel that Andrew Denton and Peter Thompson have an incredible interviewing skill – that needs to be fostered throughout television. It is our loss that we will now have neither.

    Very disappointed in the ABC’s decision.

  2. ‘looking to refresh the ABC1 schedule in 2011’,sounds like a bit of spin to cover the truth that’s it’s more about cutting costs to cover news24.

  3. It’s a pity that this is finishing. I guess they ran out of decent interview subject material. The prospect of interviewing the likes of Shannon Noll and Rickie-Lee Coulter would deter me as well.

  4. OMG…is that because I forgot to mention ‘Talking Heads’ in the ABC survey?!?
    I love this show….Peter Thompson is such a wonderfull interviewer….he just knows what to ask and how and where to lead his guests….and brings out the best in them…..
    I know all things must end…’specially TV….but I will really miss this show…
    All the best Peter…..I will live in hope that maybe…someone will see the error of their ways…..*sigh*

  5. Mrs Diane Ibbotson

    My husband and I watched the final show of “Talking Heads” and I just felt I had to write and let you know just how disappointed we were to hear that that was your very last show.
    We have greatly enjoyed both Peter Thompson and his guests over the years and were Devastated to hear that it has come to an end!
    I do hope that the ABC reconsiders its decision and brings the show back again in 2011.
    If this doesn’t evenuate, may I wish Peter Thompson all the very best in the future.

  6. Awww… that’s a shame. That was a great show. Thanks to Peter and the team for bringing us something of quality to watch at that time of night. I’ll miss it.

  7. A shame to read that this program has ended – one of the most innocuous, yet enjoyable programs I have had the pleasure of viewing over the last six years. Proof that some of the best shows don’t need a big budget. Thanks to Peter Thompson and thanks ABC for six great years!

  8. Another quality show that ABC & SBS are so good at & yet the commercial stations cannot get this kind of programming right,that is if they even attempt it.
    I mean Warnie???????Are they having a w### or what??

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