TEN cooks up 1.8m and wins Monday

It’s been a while since we’ve been able to say this…. but TEN won the ratings last night.

Junior MasterChef, carefully divided into two event shows, pulled 1.85m viewers for The Winner Announced and 1.53m for the bulk of the programme, Finale Night.

It peaked at 2.24m. Its biggest audience was in Melbourne with 624,000.

The audience was certainly hooked as to whether Isabella or Jack would win, but today there isn’t much support for the judges awarding three 11/ 10 scores for one dish. Perhaps those on the inside were just too excited about a forthcoming channel next year.

Nevertheless, nobody can deny the talent of the kids who have appeared in the show. No wonder TEN has renewed it for next year, after pulling the pin on Don’t Stop Believing.

Today TEN’s chief programming officer, David Mott, said: “Over the past several weeks Australians have been thoroughly awed and entertained by our Junior MasterChefs. My thanks to all the gifted young cooks who participated in the season, reminding us just how much fun cooking can be. One thing is clear – with talent like this, Australia has a bright culinary future. Network TEN is proud to be part of a food movement that inspires, educates and empowers young people to appreciate good food.”

The show whipped The X Factor 1.11m as Mahogany was sent packing -but watch it hit back next week.

A first run Criminal Minds had to settle for 993,000. Nine knew not to run first run episodes of its key titles last night, effectively bowing out of the contest.

Undercover Boss Australia also did well at 9:30pm with 1.19m. It too was renewed yesterday.

ABC’s new Monday line-up pulled 914,000 for Family Confidential, 609,000 for Make Australia Happy, but only 298,000 for A Small Act.

Against tough competition, William Shatner’s Weird Or What? fared well with 423,000 for SBS ONE.

TEN won the night, with one channel less than some of its competitors.

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  1. Undercover Boss is a great show – I’m so glad it has been renewed. Couldn’t stomach (bad pun intended – I’m tired so need cheap laughs!) Junior Masterchef. I’m not into the kid thing – but that’s just me, I’m sure it was great viewing for some. Will be interested to see if X Factor does rise next week – for me it is purely car crash tv. But if Vile’s contestant wins then the show has lost all credibility – that kid is purely getting through on Vile fan votes – he is ordinary at best!!

  2. “The show whipped The X Factor 1.11m as Mahogany was sent packing -but watch it hit back next week.”

    I don’t think so. X factor is not a hit, plain and simple. I’ll be shocked if it even pulls 1.4 million for the Finale

  3. Junior Masterchef was great. Surprisingly great. But these kids were incredible and considering how many kids these days are little s***s, was nice to see some good ones. As for the 11/10. was pretty silly and probably just for the kids to go woah. Give them 10/10 and go tell Adriano his are worth 9/10

  4. What’s all the fuss about the 11/10 scores. If it’s really an issue, perhaps the judges should taste all the dishes and then do the scoring. Obviously they thought Isabella had cooked up a storm, and gave her tens and then tasted Jack’s and realised they were better – the only thing they could do was go over. Who cares. One of the things I was most impressed with was what appeared to be genuine joy on all the kids faces, and genuine happiness for Isabella at winning – good on you Jack – you’re a classy kid (as were all of them!!)

  5. I hate Junior Master chef- !! bring back the real people without all the goos and garrs and feelgood horror pathetic show – who wants to watch kids cook? yes obviously 1.53 millon morons

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