The Cape: trailer

Aussie actor David Lyons (Sea Patrol, A Model Daughter: The Killing of Caroline Byrne, ER) has revealed more about his lead role in NBC’s upcoming superhero drama The Cape.

Lyons was cast in the drama last February.

Set in the fictional metropolis of Palm City, the show’s first few episodes will cover his character’s origins as a masked crime-fighter.

“This [show] is the genesis of a superhero.” he revealed. “It’s about a guy that is framed for a crime he doesn’t commit and is forced to go underground. He’s presumed dead and in order to reunite himself with his family and particularly his son, he takes the persona of a superhero from a comic book he used to read his child.”

But his alias ‘Vince Faraday’ will not possess any special crime-fighting abilities.

“He’s just a guy,” said Lyons. “He’s been put in these extraordinary circumstances and needs to use all of his ingenuity and the help of Summer [Glau]’s character ‘Orwell’… to get back to his family.

“I was the one kid who didn’t want to necessarily be a superhero and I’m the one kid who got to be, so it’s been a huge learning curve for me and a great experience.”

The series will launch in the US with a two-hour premiere in January with the tagline: Suit Up, Fight Back.


Source: Digital Spy


  1. Wasn’t Firefly shown on Seven here a year or so after the US?
    I got sick of waiting so bought the DVD online, this was before I had broadband 🙂

    The Cape looks like a good mix of action/drama and comedy… so will probably be axed within weeks!

    I’ll watch it just for Summer Glau 😀

    So I guess no news on a local network showing it any time soon?

  2. Any bets on how quickly this will be cancelled? seems all the shows i’m interested in get cancelled (moonlight, Caprica, most likely no ordinary family, let’s not forget firefly…

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